Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some rain at last..

Last night we got some last!! It has been so long since the kids seen rain that Mia asked "Why is the ground so wet this morning?" That was this morning when we went for our bike ride to the park. I thought about it and I thought it was quite sad that she asked the question.
I have been reading and catching up on some blogs today and now I feel like having a nice cup of coffee. School has been so busy for the kids.
Last week the kids' school had the Deputy Prime Minister and The Minister for Education Ms Julia Gillard visit to help launch the Primary Connections "Schoolyard Safari" education block. It was an exciting time for Sarah especially as her class got to show the scientists and Ms Julia Gillard how they have began their Schoolyard Safari education.
President of the Australian Academy of Science Professor Kurt Lambeck was also there. He was heard to say, "The Academy is concerned about education at all levels and if we had a motto about this it would be: If Australia gets education right then everything else will succeed, if we get it wrong then nothing else matters." Too right I thought!
Parents got to stay after the assembly and see what the kids have done at school and Sarah had a magnifying glass to show anyone who wanted to look, segments of some rather large worms! She knew the names of them and what they do out in the garden. I ws very proud!
After Nicholas getting student of the week a few weeks ago I was pretty happy. Tomas went very well in athletics and Mia is growing up so fast that everytime I look she is gaining height on me :) Not hard to do when mum is so short ...right!


steph said...

Oh how fun is that? So what happens to the worms when she's done? Do they come home?

Mom said...

Rain is a common feature here - a bit more than needed right now, but I'm sure the flowers of May will be beautiful
A big Amen to getting education right. The future of any country depends on a well educated people.

Keshi said...

I cud say 'some sunshine at last' :) cos it was pouring for weeks in Sydney and today we hv a sunny day.


G-Man said...

The Kids are taking right after Mom eh?

Bright, beautiful, and brilliant!!

hqave a GREAT week Cazzie...xox ;-)

Team Gherkin said...

Yay for rain! We've got snow near us today [Monday]!!! GAGH!!!

Glad your children seem to be going so well... I love hearing proud parents boasting of their childrens achievements. Go for it!

Andrew said...

I certainly agree with the professor. Despotic leaders in third world countries like to keep their masses un-educated. Especially important that our Aborignes become better educated and most of their problems will disappear in time. Oh, smart kids you have there too Cazzie.

Drywall Mom said...

That is so true. The only way to move forward is through better education. Education makes people less ignorant. Here in the US, they have the "No child left behind act". I think that it is good for some people, but in the overall scheme of things, I believe that they lowered the standards of what needs to be taught so that that noone is left behind. We actually put my son in private school b/c it wasn't challenging enough for him.

Lucy Stern said...

Education is the key and it sounds like your kids are doing great....We have had a lot of rain here in Houston, TX, USA....The grass is green and flowers are blooming....I hope you get more rain soon.