Thursday, November 22, 2007


This is one of the oldest buildings in Ocean Grove. This photograph taken in 1977.[Photograph from the Ocean Grove Album compiled by Bob Irving, courtesy of John Irving, Ocean Grove]

Map of where Ocean Grove is situated to the CBD.
I thought it apt to speak of the History surrounding the lovely place we go to so often to share in fun family times, and sucha relaxing place it is. Approximately 50 minutes drive away from our house you will find yourself entering this wonderful place. Just crossing the bridge from Barwon Heads to Ocean Grove is the most magical sight...second for myself to that of the sun setting into the Ocean (it would seem) when in W.A. at Freemantle.

So... Ocean Grove, it is named after a place in New Jersey, USA. During the 1870s the American Methodist church started a religious camp near New Jersey, it was such a successful idea they decided to spread there camps overseas. Soon they got together with the Victorian Methodists and set up a camp near Point Lonsdale ( a lovely place near Ocean Grove).
By 1882 the need arose for the church to acquire a large area of land so they could set up their "Australian Ocean Grove".

Ocean Grove State School in 1910 showing Mr. Hugh Clark and pupils. Hugh Clark taught at the school for almost 30 years and was Head Teacher from 1911 until 1925.
[Photograph from the Ocean Grove Album compiled by Bob Irving, courtesy of John Irving, Ocean Grove]
The place the Methodists chose was was situated on the east side of the mouth of the Barwon River overlooking Bass Strait. The town was later linked by a bridge to Barwon Heads on the other side of the river. Many street names take on the names of important people in the old Methodist community, while the local youth camp was run by the Methodist church from the 1920s up until 1996. Down Main Street Ocean Grove.
Now the largest town on the Bellarine Peninsula it has one of the largest shopping centres of any of the Bellarine towns only a few blocks from the beach making it popular with tourists and locals alike. There are groovy little cafes and some awesome clothes shops in Ocean Grove. Yet, the major draw card is, of course, the beach.


Andrew said...

What an interesting history of Ocean Grove Cazzie. One of our neighbours has a house there. I will astonish him with my newly found knowledge.

mjd said...

Ocean Grove looks like a fabulous place to visit. I always enjoy your history stories, but since this one has it origins in the states and was started by the Methodists, I found your posts about Ocean Grove especially interesting.

Parisian Cowboy said...

I recently saw a great documentary about Australia on the French TV. Seems like a really exciting country to live in.

Palm Springs Savant said...

looks beautiful...I love travel and seeing new places.

G-Man said...

I love those shark fins Cazzie..It looks like a swell place!!
Great informative post again!..xoxox

Keshi said...

As usual ur doing a great job here Caz!


AspergantuS said...

You always speak of such great places. One day I hope I can actually go to some of the places you post about.
Great post Cazzie!

eric1313 said...

And what a fine beach it is.

It looks like the kind of place I would love to fall asleep on and wake up with the sun pouring its rays down on me.

What wild inspiration--of course, I've already written a few poems that involve falling asleep on a beach. But, one can never have enough happy thoughts, now can they?

Peace to you, Caz!

Jules said...

Loved this post, one of my best mate's is from Ocean Grove and this was just fab to be able to see it and hear the history. you are a gem of info.

homo escapeons said...

Another brilliant chapter for your forthcoming book!

I love all of the Fins lined up to remind the people on the beach about the local 18 foot 2 ton 'fish' prowling beneath the waves.

Do NOT wear Yum Yum Yellow!