Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Supergirl Mia...

This week has been hectic really. Sarah had Italian Day at school, complete with a parade and the consuming of gelati. I assisted with the class reading, I love to see the kids progressing so well, even ponting to the words as they read. Even if they don't know the word, they at least have a go.
I was roped into asked to help out with the Mother's Day Stall at school this coming Friday. I guess I do not mind, but I refuse to help out in the tuck shop.....cannot stand gossip.
Nicholas gave out invites to his party for the 12th of May....the countdown continues until when he turns 8. So now, it is ten sleeps until he is that? LOL
Mia had to give in a recipe (or 12) with drawings on them for the Mother's Day Cookbook at Kindergarten. We typed out half of the book on an electric typewriter....I miss my old Olivetti. Each child that attends Kinder was supposed to hand in a recipe for the book, but, out of 28 families, only 2 participated..sad really. I cannot wait to receive it on Mother's Day, all bound together.
The gifts Tomas, Nicholas, Sarah and Mia have given to me every Mother's Day I have cherished. The memories created by their handwriting and art are the most valuable to me. THIS was the collection of things I got last year. However, huggs are the best, and spending the day together as a family most important.
Tomorrow there is an incursion at school for all the kids, "Sleeping Beauty" will be performed.
Today, Mia decided to dress up as Spidergirl and jump about on the trampoline for a while. She was web slinging across the yard, or so she says.
Last night was a weird wild and windy night, the wind kept me awake. I wish it had rained, and rained real hard...then, I would have slept and been less crabby.

A blog I have been reading since beginning my own blog is that of Hillbilly Mom, She has awarded me the honour of "Thinking Blogger Award". I am wrapped with that, it makes me feel special..blushes....this is the first award I have ever received here. I love everyone on my blogroll, and I cannot pick just five of you for this award, so I pick everyone of you :)
I have been part of a quest to get WRIGHT IN THE THICK OF IT since March this year. I have submitted 3 short stories thus far ( You can read them by clicking on the link above). It is a great thing to be part of, I am up against some awesome writers I can tell you. So, if you are having a boring day and need some laughs, head on over and catch up with the great stories that have been entered. We have to include the words submitted by each challenge's winner in our short stories. This is a task in itself I can tell you! I have had to get out the dictionary on a few occasions!!

Mia's new friend who came to visit today...a Praying Mantis. It was safely returned to the tree in our garden.


Princess Banter said...

Your little girl absolutely looks adorable :) I've love to read your short stories... if you'd share, of course :)

Keshi said...

OMG she is a darl!

Share em with us Caz.


Menchie said...

Mia is so cute! Right now my son is obsessed with the ninja turtles but I'm bracing myself for spiderman mania next.

phishez_rule said...

Oh, MAN!

I love all of those things now. There's nothing quite like web slinging around the garden! And Gelati! YUM!

But to do it all as a kid...

Does anybody want to take 15 years or so off my life?

Jules said...

My kids love praying mantis's and snails and all manner of buglife. It's great to see that they have such an interest in the world around them. That is bloody sad about only 2 people contributing to the kinder cookbook. SAD!!

I have received some pearlers for Ma's Day but the best one was a spontaneous early morning trip to the beach to watch the sun rise for the first time ever. LOVED it.

Jules said...

I don't have your email so have to post about the gluten free thingy here.

The day after Phoebe's 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago, she had a florid rash come up all over her body including the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. My first concern was meningitis but she was so well in herself and no temperature and singing and dancing around. She has been an extremely bossy, defiant, hyper little girl and at times I just wonder how the hell my first two were so good yet she is so much hard work. Anyway, tangent, took her to a local on call doc and he said the only time in 25 years he had ever seen a rash like that was in a coeliac patient. So we had the gluten tests and she has gluten sensitivity and more than likely will go on to have coeliacs later on. So this week the rest of the family got tested too and we are all going gluten free regardless of the results, for three months to see if it helps Phoebe's tummy, and the rest of us all have issues too. Blair (fiance) has bad psoriasis and I'm hoping it will give him a little relief too. So, I have researched to the limit, how to go gluten free, bought a breadmaker to make my own gluten free bread and am looking at all packaging to find out what has gluten in it. Heaps of stuff does as it is cheap and helps with flavourings. She also has a peanut allergy so we are very limited but it will be back to basics for dinner (meat and veges) and breadfast mostly yoghurts and fruit with the odd gluten free rice or corn based cereal. It's the lunches that I am struggling with.

Andrew said...

'Each child that attends Kinder was supposed to hand in a recipe for the book, but out of 28 families, only 2 participated.' That is really sad and actually quite alarming? Perhaps there was a communication problem.

Reiki 4 Life said...

your kids must go to an awesome always seem to have something going on there.

spider girl. how cute. i was at a carnival the other weekend and they had a Spidy Wall where they'd dress up the kids in a velcro suit and they would bounce, or the guys would throw them up on this wall & they'd stick. I sat there forever just watching all the was Hilarious. and so very cute. kids are awesome. so full of life and energy...and Laughs. it is so nice that you enjoy your so...many people don't, so it's nice to read. :)

paddy said...

Sounds incredibly active...the very best of luck. I know what you mean about the rain. I might just click on and have a read of the stories.

M said...

I love superhero outfits :D

Italian Days at school are so fun. I love it how even us teachers get to have a gelati if we hurry up and push..err I mean wait in line!

That's such a shame about the recipes. You'd think EVERYONE would contribute to these things. School is all about the community, if that doesn't exist it makes everything very difficult.

Alicia said...

I can't wait to see the cookbook!
How adorable!
Praying Mantis' are my favorite insects.
Probably because they tear the heads off of their prey.

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

Can I come over and play with your kids? I promise I won't scratch the furniture ... much. Well jeez, I'm a cat. I just can't resist!


farmwifetwo said...

Myself and another Mom were discussing last night about parents doing their kids' projects for them. We help ours, like you did with yours.. but then they feel bad looking at the other kids' masterpieces or their fancy speeches etc. I thought children were to do the work??

I understood "sleeps" perfectly. My eldest won't be 8 until Oct.


poody said...

I went over and voted for your story Cazzie!

jillie said...

She is too cute. She's going to give Superwoman a run for her money!

gawilli said...

Ah, good for Mia! Praying Mantis are good critters!

Now, what is a tuck shop?

Also, I had an Olivetti too. Boy that was back in the day for me - pre-computer! My first job was in a Real Estate office where I typed contracts with several copies, with many sheets of carbon paper. Oh my, one mistake and it was a disaster!

Your turn-out for the recipe book is similar to what we have here. It's sad for the kiddos whose moms did not follow through... but not for Mia!

gawilli said...

OK. I googled Tuck Shop. Got it. Sheesh. I learn so much on your blog.

Cazzie!!! said...

Princess Banter, Princess, if you click on the link there you can see my 2 stories, thewy are not as good as the others..yet... the other people are marvellous story writers!!

Keshi, thanks hon.

Menchie, Ninja Turtles are way cool :)

Phishez, Me tooooo, "I wannnaaaa go plaaayyyy" (said in whiny 5 year old girl talk!!)

Jules, that is the best idea for mother's day!!! I would also love to go to Perth and be there to watch the sun set. It goes, as it appears, into the sea!!
Jules, thanks for letting me know about the gluten free thing..I have to wonder about my Nick, he gets a sore tummy after he has bread, bread rolls and sometimes, his weetbix.

Andrew, heya hun, how are you? Well, the thing is, the teachersa nd carers at the creche/kindergarten are great with their planning. They co-ordinate everything really well. All four of my kids have gone to this creche/kindergarten..tht is over the last 8 years (Tomas is now 10 and began there age 2).
They put notices in the parents'notice box, they post a note next to the sign in register and they write up a monthly planner to send home.
So, my perception is that people just don't read these things. I know people are busy with work and kids and everything, but so am I. I work, I am a mum to 4 kids and it is just a full time thing keeping up with all their school work, fundraisers and not to mention, their social calendar ( embarrased to say, their social life is busier than my own!!)
I guess people just overlooked this note, I don't know. Still, the mum's will get a surprise for Mother's Day anyhow :)

Meredith, that velcro get up sounds awesome, maybe I can sew up a few outfits for my kids and get them to donn them, then....I can throw them at the mat and leave them there...ahhhhh, tranquility, LOL.

Paddy, thanks for reading my story, there are three there, and I await the next challenge. You can also submit a story, anyone can, it is fun, just email it to the diva, and don;t forget to include the word list in bold.

Mez, I am not sure I want to be a nurse anymore, I love the whole assisitn with the students thing at school. Don't get me wrong, I know teachers have it as hard as nurses, but, I reckon it is a rewarding thing to see the kids flourish. Also, I wanted gelati too, LOL.
Yes, school is about community and so is the Kindergarten. I think that it is important for parents to be involved with their kids' education, and stand back when they have to aswell. Thing is, kids Do spend more time at home than they do at school. Don't need to be telling you that, I betcha know it already.

Alicia, i KNOW, the praying Mantis eats her hubby after that is amazing too, LOL. I will put a pic of the book on here after Mother's Day.

Heya LULU, well, Mia loves cats, so if you do come on over beware..she won't let you walk, your feet won't touch the floor even....she will carry you everywhere, then she will wrap you in a blanket and put you in her stroller, feet you sardines (Mia's favourite food), you will be spoilt rotten. Then you won't want to go home to Dan :)

Farmwifetwo, yes, I totally agree with you. This is a project for the 4 year old kids at Kindergarten (pre school). They can write but not as good as the School kids. So, the parents were to provide just one small recipe and then get their preschool child to drawer a picture on it. Then, they are going to bind them all together as a book, and present it to us Mum's for Mothers Day.
A few years running, I got a lovely ceramic plate that was decorated by my boys from creche, it was a lovely surprise :)
For my school aged kids, I assist only when they need it, I won' write for them as they have to do it themselves. They are all competent readers, Nick especially (self taught) and so I listen to them read outloud, then, I interject only if the need arises.
THere is a thing we all do each week as a family in relation to school, it is called "Maths Share". The whole family gets together and performs tasks and experiments maths related and documents it in a book that is submitted to the teacher. We all love doing it, the kids do the writing and the graphs and so forth.
So, yes, you are right, kids do their own projects and assignments :)

Poody, hey thanks hon :)

Jillie, I concur, she gives her older siblings a run for their money too. Yes, the school has been forwarned, AHHA.

Gawilli, yes, I love these critters too..ohh, yes, and the Praying Mantis, LOL.
Yes, I do miss my Olivetti too, miss the sound of it, it is not the same with an electric typewriter. My Grandad gave me this one because he has a PC now and does not need it. He is the secretary for his Freemasons Lodge.
Mia enjoyed drawing and finding recipes with me to put in the book. Something to keep for a lifetime.
Oh, lol, sorry about the terminology, tuck shop, yes, the canteen at school :)

farmwifetwo said...

My dh is secretary at his Lodge.

We were at Library program last night discussing the kids' Gr 2 speaches and air (mine made a mobile, her's a sailboat) project... and then one DaD was discussing the Gr 3 project - log cabin - and how his kid felt bad b/c he's wasn't as perfect as the other kids'....


My eldest made me a... have no idea what you'd call it. They used CD holders, flipped them backwards so they sit open, wrote a Happy Mother's Day note and decorated it with glue on decorations... at library program last night. Neat. It's in the kitchen so everyone can see it.


Cazzie!!! said...

farmwifetwo. man, you and I are so similar, I love to showcase everything my kids do too.
Also, I agree with you, very very sad when the kid is upset about not being as good as other kids. The notion that you do your best for yourself and your best is what counts is the best policy.
Last year, my Tomas had swim carnival. He did not come first, the other kids all go to leading swim schools, so they won. I was proud of him for doing his best and he knew he tried and that was what mattered.
Library is great for doing craft and reading it :)

Jay said...

I can't believe only 2 people turned in recipes. That's sad.

susan said...

Awww...Mia is the most adorable spider girl I have ever seen!

Hey! You've been double-nominated for the thinking blog. I nominated you last week and forgot to tell you about it (Oops!..and I haven't been online much this week so I didn't realize that you missed it) So scroll down and read about yourself! :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Jay, yes, it sure is.

Susan, wow, I am honored, thankyou so much :)

Bibi said...

Good for you on not doing the gossip (hard to avoid sometimes with the amount that goes on!)

And congratulations on your TB award ... I had the hardest time picking 5 so I think you did the best thing!!