Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Gifts!!

Today I got some great gifts from the kids.
Mr T got me a bath bomb, rose scented, and a green bag, useful for next Summer at the beach. If you cannot see the bag properly then feel free to click to enlarge, LOL.
Nick got me a coffee cup with chocolates in it, yumm! And an Impatience plant that was in dire need of a drink of H20!
Sarah made me some soaps of different colors and scents.
Mia (pictured above as the Angel she CAN be) planted and grew some herbs for me at her creche.
And my lovely husband gave me a card with some sweet words in it too!!
Whilst I was in the shower, Miss Mia decided she would play hairdressers to Sarah. She got a chair, dragged it to the bench, located the scissors, went into Sarah and began to chop away at her lovely curly blonde locks of hair. All my babies were born "bald as a badger" whatever that means!! So Sarah's hair is just at bob length now, in all her life this is just how long it is and Mia kinda wrecked the look. She knew she was in the poop when I walked into the lounge room as she ran for cover to her bedroom. There she stayed for a long time!!
Good thing is, I can cover the cut hair up with doing a small half pony tail everyday. Probably take ages to grow though. She starts school next year so I was hoping it could get to a length where I can put it in one nice ponytail for her. I am LOL at it all now. I think Sarah thought Mia had the blunt playdough scissors.


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Ahh kids, you love them that much, you just want to throttle them.

Anonymous said...

that stuff looks awesome
thanks for popping into the book blog, and i'm sending you an invite!

see you around

Big Mama said...

Happy Mother's Day Cazzie!!!

Those were awesome (except for the unexpected haircut) what a loving family you have. I received breakfast in bed with my fav breakfast, a bouquet of beautiful flowers and some cards. Baby girl ate her breakfast in the bed with me. What fun!

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Rebecca, they were all peachy keen yesterday, but alas, it is groundhog day yet again today! Same as any Monday morning, house is like a tornado hit it!
Hi susie, welcome to my blog, cheers!
Heya Big Mama, nice to see you shared brekky with your Baby Girl, have to cherish the moments.
Cheers Cazzie!!!

Comic Mummy said...

Happy Mummy's Day for yesterday! Glad to see you're keeping your sense of humour over the whole hair incident. I guess we've just gotta be thankful they don't have ready access to hair dye too. That WOULD be interesting!