Monday, May 15, 2006

What to do?

I got this see, with 4 kids in the house and 2 adults the place just never ever looks tidy. Sure, I do the housework every day without fail, but alas, it still looks trashed. Hurricane Mia is always on the loose, Sarah has her bears out and cannot ever just take one out, it has to be the whole collection. Not to mention the numerous Cows she has too. Nick has his Bionicles out all the time which is great for his fine motor skills and all but crap for your feet when you are lurking around silently at night to check on the kids and then you stand on one!! Bit hard to refreign from swearing then and making oath that you WILL chuck the lot of them in the bin come morning!! Tom has his Yugio cards sprawled everywhere too.
The lounge room is the place where clothes are set up for the next day, and where the next day, pj's are sprawled over the settee all day until bath time. Well, not all day, just until I fold them and place them on the kids' beds.
My pet hate is when wet towels are placed on the floor or on the bed..yuk..hate IT!
I get embarrased when people don't warn me they are coming. I have to check the loos are clean and that Miss 3 yr old has not put all the loo paper in there at once.
I guess I need to come to terms with the fact that the house is LIVED IN.. not a display home from some magazine. That it won't always be tidy but it will always be clean and that it is ok for visitors to come along un announced, they just gotta look before walking or sitting anywhere.


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Ok, I have learnt my lesson.
If I give your kids anymore presents, they will only be cleaning products.
Oh, and if the cows happen to run away from home, I know a place they can live.

crabbydad said...

Cazzie -- Just do what I do. If you don't have any friends, then there's no one to come over and visit. Pretty smart, eh?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I know exactly what you mean. My boys get dressed in front of the TV, meaning that the jammies are tossed onto the floor or the couch until bedtime. About the only way to have them picked up is to with-hold food until it is done.

Also, the back of my couch has become a new shelf. CD player, camera, GameBoy, games, printouts, books, snack wrappers. When my Hillbilly Mama comes to visit, she thinks she is helping me by folding the jammies...and placing them neatly on the back of the couch.

meridith said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! come back again soon :) i am hoping lots of people on this journey will come hang out there too.

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, yes, cleaning products is the go I reckon, LOL. The cows are no bother, they don't make noise and they don't poop anywhere that I can find, hehe.
Crabbydad, ace idea, will ahve to figure out how to scare my friends off!
Hillbilly mom, haha at the couch being a shelf, same goes here too, with hold food is the go aye? Must try it.
Cheers Meredith, the only way for the journey to go now is UP (and down with the weight!):)