Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baby Sister's Rule!!!

This morning when I came back from school I began to tidy up the lounge room..in preparation for the big vacuum to go ahead. Little Miss 3 yr old grabbed it off em and said she wanted to vacuum, no problems!! Now, when she finished the job, and I have to say she did an excellent one at that, I said to her, "You know it will be messed up when the boys and Sarah get home later today". She said, "No it won't, I will say, "Don't you mess up my clean lounge room or esle!"(Sticking her finger up in the air, thank Goodness it is the wrong finger and not the middle finger!!)
So there you have it, she is the strongest member of the family, she cripples her brothers with one blow to the gut and takes Tom down to the floor with a wrestle, she is our very own answer to a female Hulk Hogan realy. When she grows up she wants to be..a big boy!! That's what she said, will just have to wait and see I guess, although right now we have My Little Pony on TV so she may be just all talk.
Can't wait to see what happens later today, my words fall on deaf ears but Mia..well...Mia has the last word all the time being the baby.


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Is Little Miss 3 available to do other light house cleaning duties? If so, what is the rate of hire? I have heas she could do around my place.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, I bet she would love to clean your place "Mebecca"....she would not come free of charge, you would have to play Simon Says with her and you would have to do some cooking with her as payment :)