Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here I am..helloooo :)

Here I am, that is me.. Cazzie. Lovely adorable little old me !!! Obviously that was on our trip to Sydney. There, I weighed approx 92kg's. It was the most I have ever weighed. After having the kids, having been sick, then just not finding the time to do worthwhile exercise that actually puts my heartrate up, ya know, the cardiovascular workout stuff, the weight just stayed put. Make no excuses about it, now I'm makin' the time!!!
Since we moved to this new house, I have been walking and riding the bike everyday. I am actively riding the bike for a 30minute timeslot. The kids came with me tonight, yesterday I rode the bike "by my own self" (as Mia would say). I also walked to kinder and wheeled Mia's bike there for her to ride back home.
Each day, unless I am unwell, I am going to make sure I walk or ride the bike for 30minutes minimum. The kids love going to the four parks we have situated near us too so we went there tonight. An awesome Flying Fox Ride is at one of them.
I was going to write a diary but I thought I would use my blog to add in my daily activity I have done on my journey to a fitter me. I will just use a small paragraph each day and that is it. Then, I will post a pic of me in a months time, make it 8th March hey? Good, I am commited now.
I will keep on reading up on the Go For Your Life site for tips if I need them for motivation. I am always active, cannot help but be active with four sproutlings to run about after, but the 30 min a day is intentional exercise.
Keep ya posted anyhow people.


Amy Taylor said...

You seem to be doing great in life - i envy you so far!
And well done on the weight loss. I love the top your wearing!

Keep blogging
Babycakes xxx

Amy Taylor said...

Sure, If its ok and if i can i will book mark it to my blog so others can have a look at it also.

My eating disorder started off with healthy eating and healthy weight loss then spiraled out of control. So if you need any healthy tips im always here - although being a nurse i bet you know plenty!

well good luck with that :D
Babycakes xxx

Jay said...

30 mins on the bike is doing really good. That combined with all the walking around and other activity that you do is great!

Cazzie!!! said...

Babycakes, I aqm so glad you found me at this time!!! We can both help each other out I am sure, and I am glad you will bookmark the site I referred you to, I am sure the girl who founded it will be over the moon with the exposure :)
Jay Man, thanks mate, I feel better already, I WANT that nice looking butt back, LOL.

Melly` said...

I could easily loose a few kilos too. I will think of you when I try motivate myself to exercise. Sigh. I hate exercise.

Keshi said...

Thats a lovely radiant pic of u Caz! And ur standing close to my office I guess hehe. I go to Opera House area for lunch-time walks..

Im dying to see u in a few months time...Im sure u wud have lost some weight by then, as u say. But u still look good n healthy in that pic!


Cazzie!!! said...

Melly, yes, motivation is the key my friend.

Keshi, no crap hey? I am near your office!!! Next I come to Sydney we must have lunch together at the Opera House Steps, and a nice chocolate ice cream at Circular Quay, :)

general_boy said...

Good on ya Cazzie! Nice to put a face to the name. :)

treespotter said...

heeeey, having fun there?!?

I am all good and dry, happy and manageable life. Well, it's dry where i live, but i guess it's miserable for many others.

will get better soon, you have fun, too!!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Good for you! Keep us posted, I once lost nearly 45 pounds (I have no idea what the conversion would be) and it took for freaking EVER! It can be difficult to do, but it was sooooo worth it.

I am looking forward to hearing your progress!

Anonymous said...

I have no kids and still can't get motivated to exercise as much as I need to. You are gonna drop the lbs in no time. Keep up the good work sister!

Mark said...


There's a boat about to crash into yer head!

Ginnie said...

Congratulations on starting a healthy path. The biking and walking should help a lot and also the fact that you made a committment. I'll look forward to the March photo.

Middle Child said...

All the best to you and sure you will feel better...glad you are making it something enjoyable to do.

Leighanne said...

Thanx for leaving me a comment!!
Good luck with your journey xxx

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Cazzie: what is it with blogger these days, it always eats my comments? Okay, trying again.

Good for you, I think it is a great idea. I'll check in regularly as usual to make sure you are keeping up the good work!


Steph said...

Good on ya Cazzie. Keep it up sweets, you'll end up on the freakin catwalk in no time.

Stace said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations. It can be really hard to lose weight or keep weight off.

Cazzie!!! said...

GB, yeah, your turn now mate. Show us your face :)

Ace, I am glad you are ok mate, was worried seeing all the damage there in Jakarta.

QOD, yes, I invisage it will take some time to get it off as it took time to put it on. I am glad you will cheer me on :)

FC&F, I am so glad of the support, I know I am now being watched :)

Mark, ya never cease to make me laugh mate :)

Ginnie, yes, I like doing these things so I think it will all work out well. You sure do have to choose the exercise you like the most. I would love to dance all day, maybe I can turn up the music :)

MC, yes, and thanks for caring, and I have blogrolled the Angels Website too :) Already gaining much support out there.

Leighanne, no worries, will keep on visiting you too :)

HMHB, damned blogger and the comments, I had trouble posting on Stef's blog yesterday too, thanks for the support.

Steph, I hope so, I just want to feel great aswell as look great, and be able to buy a sexy dress to take pics and put on my blog :)

Stace, yes for sure. I was once told this long ago when I was 65kg, try not to get woeght on ya after kids, and I did try, just didn't pan out when I got sick after an operation. At least I know I can make a difference and it is not too late, as I am 35 and have had all my kids so now it is something for me :)

Huggies said...

There you are! :)

Keshi said...

we should really do that!


Tink said...

I think you're beauuuutiful dahling. No lie.