Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hot today..

As usual the Bureau Of Meteorology had the high temp of today forecast a little out of whack...the top was supposed to be 33degrees celcius..but it has currently hit 36.6 with a NNW wind. I actualy didn't think it was that hot until I got a call to go get Tom from school as he had been sick. So I picked both of the boys up from school and bought them home and then put on the A/C.
I am not sure, but there used to be a rule that you could pick your kids up if the temperature exceeded a certain temp. Will ahve to check it out. Mum picked us up a hand full of times I am sure when I was a kid. I used to catch the bus which was an hour long journey home from school. No air con in that old sardine can of a bus..that's for sure.
Might go teach the boys how to play dead fish...what hot weather games did you all play at school to keep cool?

** Addit,
03:25pm 37.1 degrees celcius...and climbing


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Being in Dubai you ain't getting any sympathy from me! Anything below 40C is not worth worrying about!

LanternLight said...

At primary school, we got to go home.

At high school, water bombing anything in a dress ;-)
That, and hanging out by the river.

I'm more mature now.... honest

Jay said...

Back when I was a kid we just had to tough it out. We weren't pampered little pansies like kids today. HAHAAHAHA

Cazzie!!! said...

Far out HMHB!!! I guess it is just a shock to the system when it has been the hottest October day for us in Melbourne Ever... unseasonal hot weather it is. 40 degrees is what we usualy get by Febuary. now, tell us, don't be shy..where do you stash your water blasters and Super Soakers now LOL.

You are right Jay..thing is, my Tomas spewed at school yesterday and I had to go get him..I think the unseasonal hot day and blasting winds we had gave him a bit of heat stroke.

Keshi said...

**what hot weather games did you all play at school to keep cool?

Caz I went to school in Colombo Sri Lanka...the hot hotter hottest country in the world I think! :)


Mark said...

We didn't have games when I was a kid. We WORKED! And we walked uphill, both ways, in 110 degree heat through the snowdrifts and we bloody well LIKED it!

Dead fish? What the hell is that?

Huggies said...

So do you call your own bus "The old sardine can" ?

AnonymousBlogger said...

37 degree?! Oh come on. Today the high was 4C. The normals for this time are 12C. I'm jealous. I truly am.