Monday, August 14, 2006

Of Late..

I have to say to y'all, that I am sick..and tired..yes, that's it, sick and tired of late. Just cannot, as much as I try, get a good sleep. I guess it has been that way for the past year since I was sick. I think it is because, among other things, I don't really want to sleep..maybe I want to stay awake and not miss a thing..because when you know you were saved from God ( or the devil..who knows where I was going?), you just wanna keep on living. It is a bit dumb though really, because I know full well that a good night sleep is important for your health. As a mum, I know if the kids let out a noise in the night I am up in a flash to see what is up. Before I became a mum I slept well, slept in even!!!
I have been having heart palpitations of late too. They are painless, yet frighteneing. I can only imagine what my patients go through, the ones on the cardiac and cardiovascular wards. A prisoner in their own homes due to the unforseeable chest pains that may come upon them at any given time, the hope that their Anginine will kick in at the right time before they call the ambulance. It is one consolation to having the open heart surgery, they do not have to be that prisoner any more. They can go out, have fun and do some strengthening exercises to build up their cardiovascular and musculature systems.
Today I begin a kick start diet. Consists of a very large amount of vegetable soup. Today is the SOUP and FRUIT day. Eat as much of this as I like, as often as I like for today. Ride my exercise bike for 30 mins or so (I have been doing this twice a day for in the last week now, except yesterday when I worked my ass off until 9:30pm). Then tomorrow is another day.
Oh, I failed to mention, I am a BITCH without caffeine too!! I have had to stop having my usual two coffees a morning and cut out the Zero Cola I have to drink from time to time. (Hear me cry?) I need caffeine...maybe I will go eat another piece of fruit....


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Good luck with the diet. I am sure that it will help with you getting a good nights sleep too.
Next time I head around to your place, I will make sure I don't have anything on me that could be considered junk food. I don;t want you sniffing it out and hurting me to get to it.

Big Mama said...

Wow, I'm sorry. Maybe with no caffiene you will be able to sleep better?!?! OK just a thought, I didn't say it was a good one. I hope this jump start really works well. I'll eat some really junkie junk food for you....

Jay said...

I think Rebecca and Big Mama are both right. Excersize and less caffiene are going to help you sleep. Also maybe some relaxation excersizes at night. You know, breathing and stretching and stuff.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I feel your pain, Sistah! I have given up my beloved Sonic Cherry Diet Coke. Now I don't have that burning pain in my stomach at night. Unless I eat something with tomatoes or tomato sauce after noon.

Good luck. I'll think about you Monday morning at my teacher's breakfast. Oh. I guess it already IS Monday morning for you. Sorry I won't be having the coffee. I've never liked coffee. How about some orange juice? It's sure to make my stomach have that burning pain, too. Ever since I was pregnant with my #2 son, I've had this problem. I guess he was worth it.

I have that sleep problem, too, even without the caffeine. What used to help was when I walked for an hour, twice a day. I don't have time for it during school, though, and the weather has been too hot here this summer. Last time I tried that in the summer, I ended up in the ER with a potassium level of about 2.6, which as I'm sure you know is not a good thing. Talk about heart skipped about every 4th or 5th beat, and I was very lightheaded.

But enough about me. Gosh. Never thought I'd say that, did you?

LanternLight said...

As I say to my needle sticking nurse-relation, "Working around sick people can't be good for your health".

Steph said...

Best of luck with the diet sweetie. I know you're a sensible chick and all, but i hope you go get the palpitations checked out anyways.

Melly` said...

Oh - maybe it is the bed and it is your turn to go play at Captain Snooze! I was amazed.. heat sensitive body adjusting stuff so pretty you wouldnt want to use sheets! (I am kinda kidding honest!) Diets and quiting stuff......... blah. Wanna share my sunflower seeds?

treespotter said...

heeeey!! don't be sick! get some rest!

thought you'll be out going mexican this coming weekend?

be good, be happy!

i can't live without coffee tho, that must be baaaaad....

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, hahaha, what do you mean? You bring with you the whole fruit market the other night remember? Oh, I get it, the bag of Burger Rings hey...LOL!!!
Mama, I feel good about the diet, it only goes for the week, the kick start, and then it is onto a low GI diet after that.
Jay, yes, the slow breathing and meditation is something I should go back to, I used to do it whenever I thought about it.
PMSL HBM, you do so-get-my-drift girl! Yes, please do have some OJ for me hon...and no walking in that heat ya hear???
Lantern, you speak the truth, but I seemed to develop a good immune system within a 6mth period of my is just that I was so sick last year I think I may have to do that all over again. Good thing is, I usualy know what my patient's are presenting with so I can barrier nurse them appropriately, therefore, hopefully, allaying any communicable diseases. I also get undressed in the laundry and de-bug my shoes as soon as I am home so not to bring the bugs into the house with the children :)
Thanks Steph, yes, I had an ECG and bloods taken, my K (potasium) was a little low so with a bunk up the palpitations should be rid of.
Oh Melly, LOL, sunfour seeds sound devine!! Trade you for somma me soup and a red capsicum stuffed with mushies and topped with pepper :)
Daniel, you can have some coffee for me, yes, the Mexican party is this weekend man.....hey, it's your birthday soon :)

treespotter said...

yes it is!! my bday brings good stuff to good people!