Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't want any..

I don't want your money honey I want yopur love...oops...I meant to say...I don't want any SYMPATHY..I am sick...I have fluro-greenish crap in my sinus' and it HURTS!!! To compund it..my baby girl got it too!! Is it a joke? I am eating well, drinking well and exercising and I GET SICK!!! Ain't been sick in a year now and this is the pits! Andrew and I are going away to Sydney this Friday and I am now on antibiotics to rid me of this evil bug.
I love the soup I am eating for almost every meal of the day...I am not sick of it...YET!!! Today I eat soup and vegetables...no fruit. As much of the soup and veg as I like..and as a bonus..for tea I get to have a baked spud with a little yogurt on it..MMMmmmmMMMMmmmmMMM I hear ya say..suffer..it's mine!!
I am having steamed broccoli for lunch right now..it is yumm!! Yes, I am convinced of it :)


Jay said...

Well the sinus thing sucks. Hopefully the antibiotics will wipe it out quickly.

The diet sounds pretty yummy. Well the soup part does anyway. haha

Cazzie!!! said...

Yeah, not too bad Jay..the soup is adorable :) The sinus is a bugger, but, I will survive :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I have a feeling the sinus thing, is just all the crap from your system trying to escape from the healthy food. Maybe a nice big bag of lollies will fix the nose goop.
I think you will be fine by Friday, you better be, or it will be I heading up to Sydney, while you stay home and look after your kids.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL Rebecca, maybe you are right you gorgeous girl!!! Lollies are the key...maybe a bag of sugar less ones?? Whaddyathink???