Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 3..

Today is Soup, Veg and Fruit day...NO POTATOES!!! I still like the soup so don't worry, it is easy as pie to stick to this diet. I am lookin forward to fitting nicely into any clothes I want to by Summer. I want to be able to tuck in my t-shirt into my jeans or shorts and hit the road in the bus :)
Today is a special is my friend Anna's Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 21 AGAIN!!!

I still cannot download pics ofr some reason...Grrrrrr may have to email blogger, or maybe one of my copmmenters can help me there? It just won't do it for me :(


Jay said...

Happy Birthday to Anna

Glad things are going well with the soup and veggie and fruit!

I generally don't upload pics using blogger. I just use photobucket. It saves the aggravation.

treespotter said...

same as jay, maybe put it somewhere and just link to it. i've no problems with blogger but sometimes i put it on my google pages space.