Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yesterday was not a good day for the free world.
A few days ago we hear about the latest terror alert and we can't even take drinks on planes anymore because of our friends who want to spend eternity with 50 virgins or something for being a martar and helping Boeing sell more replacement planes.
I think I have discovered what the next plan is to destroy the Western world on a smaller but just as frightening scale.
Yesterday morning Andrew was taking the boys to school when she was wiped out by a suicide Mazda 121 right in front of the school. Now, I know crashes happen sometimes, but this was unbelivable!!!
Picture this... traveling down a congested street in front of a Primary School., doing 15kms per hour, watching out for crazy kids and mum's with no road sense. When all of a sudden an unsuspecting Andrew is targeted as the next victim, parked next to him on the right in a no Standing zone is a blue Mazda 121 Fidaj-3 missile. The Bitch just launched at him, no indicators no turning the head to see if it was clear to enter the road and drive off, no friggin nothing, just 3...2...1... Takeoff.
She hit Andrew's car just infront of the rear wheel, Andrew stops, Mrs Mohumid ( not her real name) keeps launching another 2 metres and wipes out the the door, mirror and the front gaurd and the other car parked in front of Mrs Mohumid. Luckily for Andrew and the boys the Mazda failed to detonate.
Andrew parks the car and goes to see if Mrs Mohumid is ok, (no injuries). She says to Andrew " How we find out who fault" then she says " Me have no insurance" Andrew says "That's Ok, me have full comp insurance and they fix my car good, then they sue your ass coz you very bad driver"
they exchanged details and left.
Andrew got a quote and it looks like the Insurance company might write the Exa off coz panels are rare and expensive and that sucks, but shit happens.
PS, I tried to upload a pic of the damage but for some stipid reason it wont load.


Andy B said...

Send the bitch back to her own country.

Dr Evil said...

Her real name was Mrs Fahargin Ragzilla! Send me to racist jail - meh!

Jay said...

Well at least that terrorist attack didn't result in any innocent lives lost.

Mark said...

Did her license pic show her in a towel with one eye peeking out?

Fucktarded bitch!

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I guess with the Exa being written off, you will have to take the kids to school in the bus now. Hopefully reckless drivers will be able to see that coming.

Huggies said...

Fuck stupid driver not having insurance.

LanternLight said...

Ange says "That's Ok, me have full comp insurance and they fix my car good, then they sue your ass coz you very bad driver" they exchanged details and left.


Did they have whiplash as well? That being a popular injury with some minorities...

Those EXAs are sweet cars. One of my (ex) bosses had a new Exa Turbo, the thing went like a scolded cat.

Cazzie!!! said...

Turns out the Exa Isn't a write off, so the road rocket is getting fixed at the cost of $2300!!!