Tuesday, August 29, 2006


This is what I am doing to make a difference in my life for ME. I was not going to announce it but here you have it. I am so pumped that I am going to make a difference to myself and nip the ever threatening Angina and Heart Disease that is in my familial history in the BUTTT!!!!
My kids will have a thinner mum by Christmas that, although I don't think they're embarrased to be around me at the beach, they will notice a change for the better. Gotta lead by example as it is their familial history here too.
I don't ever crave for sweets but I do love my savoury. The lovely little Greek lady at the Vic Market gives me them little salami "Twiggies" to munch on for nothin' when I buy ham and fetta and sundried tomatoes from her. Well, it has stopped. I got ham and said, "Please, no twiggies, I am giving a present and my kids a present. I am going to be thinner. That means they have me for a longer life without diabetes and bad heart"...."Ahhh", she said. " I see, you a good girl!" She smiled at me and shook her head. Lovely lady she is.

Meanwhile, I was reading and googling away and I found this. NO!!!! I did not intentionaly google it BTW!!! I am not so sure how I came across it at all, just did. Anyhoo, it is fun reading :)


Melly` said...

WELL! What did we do for our information before the internet huh?

The women in my family KNOW how to keep their men faithful and unattractive to other women. We simply dress them extremely badly. If a shirt has butttons we sew completly unmatching ties onto it (this avoids the unsightly spread of buttons when they sit badly and reveal a paunch belly). It also signals to other women who see what you have done that the man is completely useless. Never tell the men when they have a shirt or shorts on inside out - this makes them look like they are "special" and will detract women. Always chose colours that will clash with everything. Above all... never tell the men we do this on purpose..and everyone stays happy. Of course only use these methods on the men you wish to keep. Let the men you dont want to dress and smell as they please.

Huggies said...

Good luck with your weight loss. I look forward to seeing some photos of the results.

Jay said...

Another added benefit to weight loss is the extra energy you will have. Your kids will be thankful for that too as you guys will be able to have more fun!

Good job! Keep us updated on your progress.

Keshi said...

well thats a brilliant new attitude and a great new goal to work on. I wish u all the very best Cazzie! And yeah we need some pics to see ur progress.


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Cazzie: great plan! Good luck.

Steph said...

Best of luck in the downsizing ;)

LiSh said...

Go hard.

I am... and I think it's working (at the moment anyways).

And Mel does do what she says, this can't be denied.

Big Mama said...

I am SO proud of you! Stopping eating my heart/artery clogging yummies would just KILL me! You are a better woman than I am. Good luck and strength.

Dr Evil said...

Sensible eating + exercise + lots of water - occassional treat = better health n body

You are well on the way to the "magic equation." Good luck - I know you will achieve.

Cazzie!!! said...

Melly, thanks for that, you truly make me laugh.
Huggies, thanks man. Yes, I have the beginning pic stored away, will post before and after at the end.
Jay and Keshi, thanks for the encouragement.
HMHB, cheers mate :)
Steph, I like that word downsizing, exactly what I want...to be a small size not a super size, LOL.
Lish, yeah, I am going hard love, I am swimming, bike riding and doing my Biggest Looser workout DVD :)
Big Mama, let's do it together girl..it would be fun :)
Dr Evil, you have the magic words indeed, your blessing makes all the difference to me. I have no complaints mate, none at all. My mind is made up, IT IS happening :)

gawilli said...

Good luck to you. I quit smoking for my daughter's birthday two years ago. I'm still not smoking, but put on the weight instead. Enjoy your posts.