Monday, August 28, 2006

A Groovy Kinda Day...

Today I went to our local shops just to get some Wool Wash to begin the task of cleaning teh lounge room carpet as it is just....awful!!! The girls and I did, however, find ourselves in the lovely little shop called Pumpkin Patch.
I got Mia a T-shirt with a horse on it. Sarah got the cool outfit you see there in the pic. Tom said she was way cool in the army pants, I have to agree with him there.
They have lovely dresses and shorts and way cool clothes for boys too. I find it hard to get nice boys clothes sometimes, and this shop has it all. Guess where I will be in the next week or so when my tax return comes in? Youbetcha mate!!!
On the home front, half the lounge room floor is looking awesome I have to say. I have more work to do there but I will wait for the rugrats to go to bed. It is a great workout which fits in well with my newfound diet I am on.


Ekta said...

nice to see the pics...looks like ur a doting mom...!:-)

Melly` said...

Arghhh - I only used the Britex machine in July and... I noticed today while painting the walls that I really need the damn thing again already.

But when it is all clean and lovely that is such a nice feeling. Sigh.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Pumpkin Patch is evil. It is like a drug. Next thing you know you will be dressing the kids in Osh Kosh, doing "coffe brunches", driving a huge Toorak Taxi, and barracking for Melbourne. Get off it before it is too late!

Cazzie!!! said...

Ekta, cheers for visiting, I love my kids for sure.
Melly, Bugger the walls and the floor, let's live in a tent hey LOL
Rebecca, soon nuff we will be getting a MERC, doea that count as a Toorak Tractor? If so, then I AM in big big trouble!!!

Keshi said...

Mia looks so adorable in those clothes!


Steph said...

Pumpkin Patch is the biggest rort going. They produce the clothes for less than half the cost at which they sell it.
Quite common with adult clothing but disgraceful with the tiny scraps of material they use in childrens clothing.
DFO is your friend Cazzie. Go for the clearance and sales items.

Cazzie!!! said...

Steph hon, I hear ya, I shall go there next week and check it out mate...there is one near the airport here :)

C said...

Having kids makes the carpet look like hell huh?

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
If you are heading to the airport, could you drop me off there? I need a lift there Sept 11, and also again on Sept 28.
Look out Sydney! Look out Perth!
Thanks heaps.

Melly` said...

Oh C.. what kids can do to carpet we... shouldnt tell you.

And heck.. lady camping I can do blindfolded.. hurry up with that bus. Get here in winter when you cold climate people can really enjoy it.