Friday, June 23, 2006 FUN!!!!

Today has been one of those a would know what it is like on school holidays in Winter! I hear parents saying, "Oh well, school holidays are almost here(at end of term)...I just hate school holidays". I am different, I actualy like them. The kids seem to sleep in to a good hour, there is no rush to get them ready and off to school and I like to relieve my cousin of one or two of her brood aswell. I know, I hear ya saying it, " have four of your own kids..and you want to put some more up at your place..crazy chick!" Bear with me a tick kids behave better when they have someone else to play with. I am a good organiser of sorts..we do things on the holidays like visit Science Works..not once but twice..coz it is oh-so-fun and educational ..and free!! We go to the park and ride our bikes and all that jazz too.
Today Tom (the 9yr old) and his cousin Ethan (from the bush and who is 9mths older than my Tom) went for a bike ride. Ethan comes crashing int he door, "Carolyn...Tom's on the road and he can't get up!" So I walk on down the road and sure enough the dying swan is on the road..with his bike on top of him. He won't respond to me and I see a smirk on his face. "I am injured, I cannot move", I start to giggle because I see he is just being dramatic and all and that by all accounts (being an RN in the emergency departmnent) he is having me on. But, I soon enough turned to the raging mum.."Get up off the @#$%^ road son..or you WILL get run over". He walked with a spring in his step home after that.
The boys think I was born yesterday too, when they returned after a ride earlier in the day, they skuttled to their room to eat lollies they bought at the shop. I never said anything, I just laughed...but it did come up in conversation at tea time..when they didn't want to finish off the nice meal I cooked them. Bad luck, they miss out on ice cream desert, Awww!!!
Tomorrow is Sarah's Playcentre Party..I have already put the essential paracetamol in my handbag. When you have 10 under 9's running about and countless others at the centre too. It is all fun though...a jumping castle, a train ride, triple slide as tall as the roof of the centre and a ball pit..coolies hey :)
I have baked a vanilla cake just now and the house smells devine. I am going to top it off in the morning with some white icing and a decorative thingy with The Saddle Club girls on it. the house is beginning to turn into horse haven.


Huggies said...

That cake sounds good. Might have to bake a cake myself.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Ball pits are great fun. WHen I build my own house, it will have a room that is just a ball pit and nothing else. Well maybe some other fun things too, like a plasma screen, but definately a ball pit.
I hope Sarah has a lot of fun tomorrow, I wish I was 5 years old again, but alas, I am 31 and have to go to work.

Steph said...

Mmmm Vanilla cake. :P

Big Mama said...

What fun! I wish I had a science museum close to me... I too love the kids vacations, I always have. I try to get the first one or two day off work to stay home with them or take them in to work with me. You are such a good mom... I guess I'm too old for you to adopt me...*grin*

treespotter said...

sounds like a lot of fun!!

i want vanilla cake too!