Thursday, June 22, 2006


QUESTION ASKED BY SOME "NONG" OF A PERSON: "I wonder what it would feel like....?
if i stapled my lip with a stapler.... have you or anyone you know done this? did you get the staple out? "
MY ANSWER:"Hmmm. unable to tell you as I have a staple in my lips and it have been there for ages..gone all muscles are ceasing up now..unable to type setting in..JOKING!!! Silly question, silly idea...please don't do this as it ties up valuable nursing/doctor's time when people do such ...silly things!!!!"
Notably..the questioner took the question off the wonders why???
In other news my daughter(pictured eating an ice cream at Rye beach) turned 5 yesterday..HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! She got lots of things to do with horses...but not a real horse, although I would love to buy my girls one. My cousin had herself a 9lb 40z baby boy this morning, at 5:15am...considering the size of him she is in great spirits too, congratulations Cory :)
The boys got a motorbike from ebay..a 125 Dirt Bike..lotsa fun for them these hollidays :)
Will post a pic of it at another stage, Cheers Cazzie!!!


Big Mama said...

Oh, your daughter is SO cute!!! Congrats for the new addition to the family (anything over 9lbs, WOW!)

Ummmm lip staples?!?! Just one question.....why? The sad part is that people are actually THAT dumb *sigh*.....

Huggies said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah and Congrats to Cory.

treespotter said...

hi! Happy Bday to the lil princess!! the party went well then?

pressies will have to wait, but they will be there soon :D

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
40 ounces? Wow, big baby.
As for stapling your lips together, I could tell you how to do it, but my lips are sealed.
I'm glad Sarah had a good birthday, I hope she gets a lot more horses at her party too. Soon you will have more of a stable than a household.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hi Big Mama, thanks for that, of course I agree my SArah is cute :) Yes people are that dumb, I have seen it before :(
Huggies, thanks on both accounts.
Ace, the party is tomorrow with her little pre school friends...10 of them so far! But the family party on her actual birthday was great.
Rebecca, nothing has beat the horse that neighs and walks!! Yes, it feels like a stable here now..all I need is a few bails of hay and loosern :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I should be able to get atleast a couple of biscuits on the back of the bike. Any of the horses need to be shod?

Steph said...

Happy birthday to the fruit of your loins!! :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Cheers is the last birthday now until my own in December so it is nice to have them all out of the way. March. April. May then June :)

Rachy said...

Oh my God talk about freaking adorable, and she certainly looks like she has some fire in the belly!

Strange about that stapling thing, was the person stoned at the time?

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Rachy..yeah, fire in the belly..that's my Sarah, always happy ever since the morning she was born :) The one with all the steam inside her is definitely Mia(the 3 yr old) though.
Not sure about the person being stoned..good question though..they're definitely outta this world :)

Comic Mummy said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the jacket too - damn, there are so many funky kids clothes I wish they made them in adult sizes!!

I'm afraid my stomach is too weak to tackle your friend's blog - I am PATHETIC with that stuff. Thanks for the warning! :-)