Monday, June 26, 2006

Just some random pictures of Williamstown...

These are just a few pictures of Williamstown, a neighbouring suburb to where we live. As a little girl my family and I spent many a day there as kids swimming and playing in the parks..or going to the Yacht Club for a great meal with our families. From the pictures you can see that there is a place called The is a theatre restaurant of sorts, you have to dress up in the era of the Titanic to enjoy the show and all..we haven't been to it as yet but friends that have been said it was great.
There's a pic of the Ship that I took my girlfriends on a tour of on my 13th birthday party(June 5th enrty on blog has pic of this)..after we had lunch. That is at Gem Pier in Williamstown. You can see the entry to the Botanic Gardens of Williamstown too, they filmed alot of episodes of local drama "Blue Heelers" there..sad it was axed, I thought the show was good. Perhaps I was the only one :)
You can see the picture of someone I don't know swimming in the water there at one of the beaches Williamstown has bordering it. The nice building on the shore is called Sirens, it is a lavish restaurant that we have been to for a Wedding Reception and for dinner at different times. They serve lovely local wines too.
Last but not least is a pic of the Point Gellibrand Station...where we took our herd of children on a train ride thanks to a wonderful friend. Cheers to you honey :) She is an awesome inspiration to two of the kids, they wanna be train drivers now..woopeee, I am wrapt!! Free travel, yeah yeah, LOL It was a great day today. After the train ride, we went out to truck city to look at a bus we want to buy. We are going to turn a city bus into a travelling camper van. It is a 36ft bus!! Enough room for bunks and beds and stuff. Will blog about it later on when we get pics of it , when we have settled on it. We plan on travelling Australia when we are done renovating the thing...apprehensive am I..yes...but looking forward to getting in there and doing things to the bus..and getting my truck liscence out I come :)


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
There is no station called Point Gellibrand, but who cares.
I wonder who the friend was that took you for the train ride?
A little bird told me she was quite pissed off though that you didn't get more of a ride, so she wants to do it again some time.

Huggies said...

I think the station is called "Toocanchew" and it's 69Kms from Melbourne.

Patrick said...

We went to an eatery of sorts on the waterfront one time for our Christmas breakup dinner. The food was expensive and came in a tiny portion on a huge plate. What little there was tasted awful. We had Maccas on the way home.

Big Mama said...

Oh what fun! I can live through your travels! I am excited for you... JUST DON'T FORGET THE PICS!!!
We took a train ride when my son was 6 through the mountains and he remembers it like it was yesterday. I love trains!

Charles Murton said...

You need to have a bite to eat at Breizoz ( visit the Williamstown Historical Museum, open 2 - 5pm Sundays, but not July 16.

Cazzie, did you choose a motel to stay at in Dubbo?

Cazzie!!! said...

OH, my mistake..guess I have made up the story then, LOL....and the friend is a lovely person..she who cannot be named (wink).
Huggies, interesting name there :)
Yeah Patrick...small protions of food and big bills are becoming a thing of the NOW aren't they..sad but true.
Big Mama, no I shall take :)
Thanks for the reference there, will keep it in mind Charles.

Cazzie!!! said...

On second viewing there Charles..we will go and check out the crepe place asap!!! Looks devine :)

LanternLight said...

Next they'll want motorcycles :-)

Cazzie!!! said...

We just bought the boys a motorcycle Lantern (Yikes!!!)125CC Dirtbike!!!