Monday, May 01, 2006

Underwears and things...

Right now I am chanelling all my left over positive energy to the men trapped 1 kilometre below the earth there in Beaconsfield, Tasmania. Three miners were trapped after a rock slide occured there last Tuesday night. One body has been retrieved, two remain trapped.
When I first heard of it I immediately thought of my cousin's hubby who is a "powder monkey" for a mining company. He goes from state to state where required to do his thang. My cousin is due to have their 5th..yes..I said next month. Alas it is not him, phew..
Still, it means that two families and indeed a whole community are sitting at the mine just now. They received great news last evening that a microphone was placed down the mine and that the two remaining blokes are indeed alive. They have just gotta be so resilient to last without supplies for this long. I got so damned emotional when I turned on the TV and saw the families rushing to the mine site there..apparently people ran like warp speed to the wives' houses and ran through the house dragging them all to the mine saying, "They're alive!" One of the children was on her bed bawling her eyes out at the time so it must be so damn difficult right now.
So, at the moment, they are trying to figure out what they are going to do to tunnel carefuly 1km to these blokes. I am tunneling the last bit of energy I have...after such a trying two days at work this past the minds that are going to figure out what they are going to do..and to the miners that are trapped.
I know they are paid a lot, and they know the risks of the job all too well..but it is my worst fear being trapped somewhere, what a terrible thing to happen.
On a lighter note, and because this is NOT The Herald Sun Newspaper who only seemed to report doom and gloom over the weekend (except the fact that my beloved Tigers won in AFL!), I have something very funny to share.
One of my friends went to a M.A.S.H night at a Melbourne night club. It has been going for as long as I can remember. Nurses, doctors, ambo's, firemen and women and the like go to this night out. Anyhow, this guy approaches my friend and says, "So, what do you do for work?" She stated she was a nurse,..he says, "Oh yeah..well..I'm an underwear model". She didn't know where to look. Afterwards on their way home, my friends were all talking and it was discovered he had used this line with some of the other nurses too..only..he is actualy an IT guy. They are all still pissin themselves laughing....afterall, nurses get to see everything and whilst an underwear model would be an ace job, no doubt, we usualy go for people that actualy have a personality!! I have to say, the pick up line was original though, so he mustn't be all that boring must he?
Cheers Cazzie!!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I've worked at a couple of Nurse parties, things like Union Christmas parties and th elike.
Three things I noted from the nights were:
1. Gee the can pack the alcohol away. For the size of some of these nurses, they can really drink.
2. They are perverts. Anything and everything was said on the night, there were no limits.
3. At the end of the night, there was no way they were going to leave quitely, or actually leave for that matter.

Cazzie!!! said...

PMSL, from the storeis I have heard, and I have to add mine are second hand not first hand like yours, you are SPOT ON Rebecca!!
Being a two pot screamer myself I must not truly identify with my fellow nurses, LOL

Patrick said...

The finding of the 2 miners alive is such heartwarming news. I too was very emotional when I read it.
Lets hope they can get them out A.S.A.P without too much fuss.

Rebecca said...

She should have replied with "Wow, I never knew there was that big a market for yellow stained Y fronts."

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes for sure Patrick..for sure..
LMAO Rebecca, that IS the line of the century yet.
Cheers Cazzie!!!

jane said...

A M*A*S*H night sounds like great fun! What a pick-up line though...

Thanks for the kind words you left over at ephemera.

Cazzie!!! said...

Thanks Jane ..yeah, what a laugh of a pick up line!! :)