Monday, May 01, 2006

Tattoo in another language?

Is it a good idea to get your own name tatooed on your body? Well, what about in another language if not in about Hebrew? That's my name in Hebrew...seems wierd but I like it!! I am a gutless chick though, so I doubt I would ever do it. I know..I know, I hear ya'll saying..but you gave birth to 4 Earthlings and all that...yeah, well, the pain was they just a pain in the ass!! LOL Although, reviewing it all, the 1st born did take a mere 30 odd hours plus of pain.
Back to that tatt, I think it is a bad idea...what if it realy meant a swear word and not my name? How would I know? What if I got bashed because it meant some bad thing about someone's mother?
On a more serious note, the blokes stuck down in the mine in Tasmania (refer to yesterdays blog here) are still down there, apparently in good spirits. I darn hope they get that drill a working SOON. Glad to hear they have flown Stuart Diver, the guy that was trapped at Thredbo 9 yrs ago beneath the snow for some words of encouragement. Man, it would be so tough being down there. Perhaps it is, in an ironic way, a good thing that they are together, because they may be able to keep each others' spirits bouyant.


Patrick said...

I think name tatts are a bad idea. I myself would consider an Aussie flag tatt, but little if anything else.

Comic Mummy said...

I've got two - and I don't regret them. Though admittedly the first one (a dove on my right hip) is looking more like an eagle after being stretched in childbirth!

LanternLight said...

Might want to have a good of read/laugh with this blog first:

Mark said...

Judaism prohibits tattoing. If you're a strict practitioner thereof, that is.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Just a short note first off. Childbirth is not a pain in the arse, but it is very close to it.

Tatts look good for a little while, but they are with you for life, and after time, they look like crap. So think about the long term loss, before you go with the short term gain.

Cazzie!!! said...

Patric, yes I agree, it would be very patriotic of me to get an Aussie tatt..
Comic Mummy, you make me laugh hon! Guess you could make an excuse that you are an Eagles fan now then..
Lantern, I see my worst thoughts come to life in that there web site you referred me to..
Mark, nope, I ain't unto any religion but my own self..
Rebecca, The 1st born was a pain in the ass for about at least a month after child birth, but the others weren't so..
I agree with you on the tatt idea being a short term gain there...maybe I will just go for the belly ring after all :)

Mark said...

"Mark, nope, I ain't unto any religion but my own self.."

I phrased that wrong. I didn't think you were Jewish, actually (we have a way of knowing, besides the circumcision thing! LOL).

What I meant was that it was ironic that you were considering a tayttoo in Hebrew when strict adherents of Judaism regard tattoos as strictly taboo. Kind of a poem there, eh? The Taboo Tattoo!