Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lollypop Ladies.....

This morning I awoke at 5:30am..again, this has happened the past two weeks..I think I may go insane!! I get so cross at myself and the world that I cannot possibly go back to the land of noddy again. So I get up and make me a coffee. Then, taking Rebecca's comment into consideration, I ate my apple (that I usualy have for morning tea) before having my usual breakfast. My, I feel refreshed.. :)
Dropped the boys off at school this morning, was stopped by all the 3 lollypop ladies on the way there. My, they think they're invincible I am sure...they just step out on the road, stand there with their lollypop infront of them and blow their whistle (which a mum cannot hear over the noise of kids fighting in the car anyhow). Then the stream of kids with parents in tow cross the road at a slow pace with the lollypop lady smiling at them. There's always the kid that has their bag open and their books just happen to fall out onto the crossing, right in the middle I have to add. So then the time sitting there doubles, and the kids are making more of a racket in the car and I'm just thinking, "think happy the thinker".
So, I leave for the school half an hour earlier than usual now, then the travel doesn't seem so treacherous.
When I got home there's oodles of junk mail pertaining to commercial now isnt it? I mean, as if we didn't know it was about to happen...then again, cannot blame us for thinking it has been dragged out..Hot Cross Buns have been on the supermarket shelves since the day after Christmas. My they are yummy though . So I forgive my kids for believing that Easter Bunny has forgotten them! I guess next we will be putting up the Christmas lights around Mother's day, because Christmas specials will be advertised before we know it..
Cheers, Cazzie!!!

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Cazzie!!! said...

Now thats definiately "food for thought", hehehe. Wonder what the impact of having a tongue as a bull bar would have on my insurance? The lady did ask me on the phone this morning if the car was standard or had extras fitted when I updated the new cars' insurance. Hmmm, gotta wonder..
And the walk to school and abducted by aliens thing sounds a hoot..but I think I would rather me be abducted than green eyed purple people eaters