Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Granny nap today...

So today began at 4am for me, lying there, waiting for the sun to rise, swearing at myself because I couldn't sleep..oh well, I though I might get some shuteye after lunch..have a Granny nap you know.. WRONG!!!
I took the boys to school, girls to kinder-creche and then I was on my own (or: by my own self as my girls' say, hehe!). So I ventured on to visit a friend, more like a mum to me than my mum, only my mum gave birth to me and that's the best thing she could ever have done..Amen!!
We had some morning tes together, some toast with Vegimite, yes, that black stuff that makes you gag if you use as much of it as you do peanut butter. TIP: Don't lather Vegimite like there's no tomorrow, it is not a great idea.
Then..low and behold, a mouse appeared before our eyes..NO...there were no psychedelic drugsmixed into our cup of coffee..the mouse was real. So we set a trap. My friend put some bread on a mousetrap..not cheese, then a few minutes it!! Ten minutes later again, I heard another mouse, same area of the house, we reset the trap and SNAP got it. A few hours down the track we had 4 mice dead..seems they love bread..even if it was wholemeal.
My friend has THE cleanest house I know, yet her neighbour had just recently taken down an old shed and we think the little Stuart Little Family decided to reside under the freezer there in my friends' place. I am just glad my girls were not there or they'd have us up in years to come for causing trauma to their psyche for killing Stuart Little's Family.
So that was part of my day today, waiting for the mice to go for the bread on the trap.
Well, Autumn is more like Winter today here in Melbourne, my hands are freezing so I'm off to warm them up in front of the heater.
Cheers Cazzie!!!


Cazzie!!! said...

Oh yeah, Ange said that if we did have peanut butter and we did use it on the mousetrap then she'd probably get her tongue trapped instead of the way aye. lol

Cazzie!!! said...

PMSL, I love mine crunchy...