Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why not do mornings?

The title of my Blog spot is a true and valid reflection upon me..."I just don't do mornings!!!" How can this be?..people that know me have gotta ask..that's because they know I have the busiest house out..with 4 sproutlings under 9yrs of age, life is never dull. It also means that every day has a new begining..a new begining at the lovely hour of 7am, or earlier if little miss 3yr old decides it is time to wake everyone by turning all the lights on in the house. Also by putting Hi 5 on at 20,000 decibels of pure sound.(Not sure what that means but I'm sure you get the gist of it by now..it's damn loud!)
I work as a nurse and even earlier in my career, 15yrs old working at a nursing home, I just was never good at early morning starts. Now, I have to have at least a few coffees before venturing out the door. The day begins with getting out of bed, making the bed and diving in the shower. It will never be a good day if the bed is not made first..it seems to set me up for an on par day if I make sure it is the very first thing I do.
Going to the loo or even having a shower is never done in peace...except for when I am at work and in that case I certainly do not have the tribe with me to stand guard of the door and ask me 50 questions at one...including the frequent, "Are you doing a poo or a wee mum?" from the youngest sproutling.
Yes, peace comes to me when I am at work, even if my shift is in the Emergency Department that day. Although, I have to say that peace comes to me when I search for myself..very deep I know yet true.
I find my "self" when I find the time to meditate, or when I find the time to read a passage from my favourite book. Bliss I have to say.
Enough for now, let you chew over these things that have been said here for now..
Cheers, Cazzie!!!


Cazzie!!! said...

Thanks Rebecca, I love the e-beanbag I saw in the latest Target (pronounced Tar-J" catalogue, was the shape of a butterfly! I guess I could pretend I was flying on it too, that'd make me a flying blogger..mmm, must write to the collins dictionary people and get them to enter the new word e-beanbag: pertaining to bloggers around the world sitting on beanbags the shape of their favourite living thing..perhaps eating Lolli Gobble Bliss Bombs whilst they're at it, Hehe.

Jules said...

Okey dokey. Have just come back to the beginning to read the first post and now I know I am going to have to read every bloody entry as I just read about MY life in the mornings and MY life in general. I remember sitting on the toilet with piles just after having my youngest and the toddler was standing at the door of the toilet losing it with rage that I had dare go in without her and and I had the newborn in one of those carry slings crying. (A bit unhygenic I know, but when a post natal woman has to go she has to go). I just cried and thought "Why the fuck do I have so many children, I just want to shit in peace for fuck's sake!!!!!"