Monday, September 03, 2012

 Where has the year gone? Is it really September already? You could have fooled me :P
So much has happened! Our farm is coming along nicely, the business plan is on schedule with breeding the goats. We want it to stay that way so we can achieve our goal of owning our own house/farm in a few years time. This time last year we lost about 17 of our herd to illness, this year we have gained many births of kids and they have all remained well, So we must be doing something right!
 Hubby is slowly healing. It has taken time given the nature of his infection and the fact that he has two surgeries to evacuate the collection of the infected exudate. He has returned to work and enjoying the new area he is working in.
 The boys are going fantastic at High School and the girls are loving school too. The only thing is they are disappointed that we have not moved into a place we applied to lease a few weeks ago. It was a rural property near to our Goat farm. It meant the girls would change to the rural Primary school.  This is something they dearly wanted. In time...
 Work has not EVER been busier for me, and my colleagues. The hospital is just so flat out I cannot begin to fathom it all reasonably. A few years back we were super busy too, but the admissions we see now are so complex and people seem to be more ill. I wonder if it is due to changes in socio economic status of people. Resources for the elderly. preventative health care... who knows. It just seems, to myself and my colleagues that people let things go so long and do not get ailments looked into and then, it is too late to prevent something tragic happening.
 This does not put me off nursing, I still love it to bits. I am learning so much more every time I go into work too. I have also been taking lessons for my Continuing Professional Development. So far I have completed over 40 hrs of study. We are required to complete 20hrs/ year in order to remain registered. But, when I start studying for this, I cannot seem to stop. :)
  A few pictures to share. One is with Wimmera and her newborn kid. She was coaxing her to hop on up and take a feed. Within 24hrs a fox killed Wimmera's newborn kid :( It happened at a time where hubby had gone back in for more surgery and we were unable to pen Wimmera up like we usually do with Mums and their newborns. So, within a few weeks, and with much more coaxing that we liked, Wimmera adopted this orphande baby lamb and she now feeds her readily. Part of my husband and his friend's 'Geep' programme. That lamb is double the size of lambs the same age. Goat's milk sure is good, and Wimmera has it in plentiful supply. If she did not feed the lamb she would have died, so it is a win-win situation all around :)


Ginnie said...

Hi Cazzie: what a lovely story of survival ... I love the pictures and I'll bet you are much cooler than we are now.

Middle Child said...

Glad your husband is on the mend... the goat photos are beautiful

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Coco Khan said...

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Igor S. Anjos said...

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