Friday, October 12, 2012

Bali, 10 year anniversary

10 years ago I nursed this gorgeous girl Nicole and her best friend, her saviour Natalie. 10 years ago these girls were happy and beautiful and young and innocent and holidaying in Bali with friends... and there was a terrorist attack that would affect their lives forever. Not only that, it affects every single person who comes into contact with someone who was there. I was pregnant with Mia at the time. I was working four night shifts per week, mainly on the trauma/ plastics Unit. This is where I met the girls, I was driving into work, listening to the news, horrified at what was unfolding each time the hour passed by. Then, in hand over, I find out that we have two of the victims of this attack. I have to say, I was scared to bits to be going into the room. What would confront me? Handover is never indicative of what you really see when you go into a room. I am a confident person, a confident nurse... why was I so worried? I guess I was just so distraught at the fact that innocent people were targeted by bastard terrorists. As the nights went on, I got to know the girls, but only in the capacity as traumatised patients. It wasn't the 'real' them. Now I may get to know who they really are and I just know they are like... the girl next door kind of girls. Growing up in Australia, free and easy living. Terrorism sure does suck... I just cannot fathom how people can be so full of hate that they would do such a thing. I meet 'crazy' people all the time, and even they are not full of such hate.
 So HERE is a kink to Nicole's book. I am yet to read it. Already I highly recommend it!


Andrew said...

Thanks for writing about it Cazzie. The personal connection always makes things seem much less remote and more human.

Middle Child said...

What Andrew wrote

Ginnie said...

Cazzie, I admire you so much. A critical care nurse is made up of so many elements ... expertise but so much more.
It must be wonderful to read what Nicole has written and to know that you were part of her recovery.

Ginnie said... it really you commenting on my blog? I can't believe it !!! I've clicked on your blog so many times in the hopes that you would be there.
I have no idea if this will get to you but I had no other choice. Please email me (the email is on my blod) and let me know how you and family and kids (human and otherwise() are doing.
Sending a big HUG...Ginnie

Ginnie said...

Hi Cazzie: I'm not sure you will get this since it's posted on your blog and you last used that in 2012. I know you are on Facebook but, altho somehow I have an account there, I never use it. I much prefer the blogger venue where I can post my thought as little vignettes or short stories.
Thanks so much for your comment & think about blogging again. I loved being part of your family. Hugs, Ginnie