Thursday, August 16, 2012

August..almost September!

Time goes fast when you have so much to do. Do you not wish you could turn back the time, or have more minutes in the day? Do what you can, when you can I say.
 Last week I caught the train in to town to do my yearly update on CPR, No Lift and Fire Training at work. Squashed on the train from Hoppers Crossing to North Melbourne, it did not please me. I cannot imagine having to do that every single day. But people do. I note that not many people talk to each other either. I kept looking out the window at the changes in each suburb that we went through. So many things have changed since I was a kid. Lots of houses demolished to make way for new buildings, more often than not, multi complex or apartments. People also have their head in either their Ipad, Laptop or mobile phone. If I had shares in the hearing aid business I am sure I would make millions in years to come. Quite a few people got onto the train and I could hear their music from a few seats away!
 Last week hubby and I were involved in saving four kids (goats) from certain death. Their Mum's had been slaughtered for meat and the security guard at the facility contacted an animal rescue group. In turn, my friend Donna contacted me via Facebook and so we got into action. We managed to save three eight week old kids and a newborn kid that I named Peaches. As I type this, Peaches is out the back in the Sun. The other three "The Three Stooges" are now down at the farm. They have united with the herd and seem to love it on the farm.
 In the next month or so we have to move house. No one likes to up and move, but the landlord of this house has got to sell up. So we are looking for a place close to the farm. It looks like we found a place on 2.5acres of land. Fingers crossed we like it and that we can secure it. Our girls will change Primary Schools, but they are not worried. The boys will catch the V Line to school.
 I have a new mobile so I will try to load some pictures of Peaches soon.
 Take care, love Cazzie :)


Ginnie said...

Hi: I love your new, colorful, background, Cazzie. It seems to correlate with your sunny personality.
Good luck on your move. I'll be waiting for updates and pictures.

Middle Child said...

I am one of the newies here so don't remember what it was like before...but I do remember what my old home town was like once surrounded by dairy farms now destroyed by coal mines all where the farms were so I know...I sold the van but the offer of help still there as have a large enough car...just let me know please...hope your move goes well and you get the acres you want

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