Friday, July 27, 2012


      Hubby has just gone to bed and it is only 2100hrs. He has been going to bed even earlier than this hour prior to today since his discharge from hospital. His operative wound (which was made larger and deeper second time around) is not fully healed, and it is not expected to heal for at least a good month or so really. I was originally packing the wound with Kaltostat Rope but the surgeon wants the wound just kept clean and open, but covered with a dry dressing of combine. So that is what we have been doing. Hubby has been bathing once or twice a day in a warm salt bath. Oral antibiotics continue. The wound, although deep mand awful looking, is clean and somewhat dry and infection free. So that is a plus!
  Pain is kept to a minimum secondary to pain killers (which he is not used to. We have here a man who rarely took a paracetamol for a headache, now taking Oxycodone whenever necessary).
  We are all managing the farm with the help of our friend Farmer John too. The goats are doing well, lots of new kids, some twins in the mix. I think the count is seven births in all, one death due to fox attack. Our prize goat, Wimmera, who lost her kid to the fox attack is now playing the role of wet nurse to a lamb. The lamb, named "Prickles" (pictured above with Mia) is flourishing on all the good goat's milk that Wimmera is producing.
 The Winter's rain that hit the area the farm is situated in made the road into the farm very soggy and boggy. So a load of big rocks was purchased and delivered and our little family got together and spread those rocks using hands and shovels. I am so proud of our children for helping out with that difficult task. Now the area can be accessed with vehicles knowing they shall not get stuck.

                                                 (Mia's Disco Hair- Do)
 Today we note lots of  frog calls happening about the place both on the farm and near to our home. Happy sounds of frogs :)
  The boys received their half yearly school reports for High School and both are doing very well in their main subjects. Both are enjoying their Elective subjects too. Tomas and I attended his Electives night this week. It involved learning about how to choose the right electives for Year 10 next year, and it would be so confusing for a student who does not know what they want to do for a career in the future I can tell you!
 The girls attended their first School Disco this week. Mia chose a gorgeous dress to wear for the disco which is NOT like her at all. Our farm girl Mia does not usually wear skirts or dresses so she surprised not only us, but her friends too. She was so happy at the disco. Sarah chose some lovely bright jeans and a bright top with a horse decorated in sequins. I assisted with the disco canteen and the students used their manners appropriately when ordering their treats. In all this has been a good week for all of the children.
                                                 (Tomas working hard at driving in star pickets)

 (Sorry if this post is all over the shop. I am not used to this new way of blogging and posting of pictures and I am too scared to move them around (the pictures that is) and risk loosing them all together)


G-Man said...

I know what he is going thru, I had Necrotizing Faciitis attack my ass. I have a Massive scar about 18 inches long thats still healing 3 months later.
Hope the mate gets well soon...G

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey there Galen. i know what you were going through and are going through as I had it attack my stomach. it took a fiid two years to get over it. i still get pain there now. i am over the moon that you are slowly and steadily improving. love ya G Man xoxo

Gail said...

May he heal quickly. It's difficult on the family and especially on the man when he is down.

Ginnie said...

What a lovely family you have, Cazzie...two and four footed ones!
I feel for your husband but the one thing he has going for him is his own personal nurse !!
Take care of yourself too, Cazzie. This is an awful lot on your shoulders.

phishez said...

Fantastic news on the hubby front. I suspect the excess sleeping is because he's healing. Which is probably what you're thinking.

I love lambs. So much calmer than kids. Hand raised ones are so attached to their peoples it is annoying sometimes.

Lastly - I'm a jeans and t shirt girl. I very rarely get dressed up. But it is extra fun when you do. I'm glad Mia had fun at her disco.

Middle Child said...

I love reading about you and your family - it seems you are having the best life...with all the hard work and sounds so much like the good old days to me are here and now

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