Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sarah is now 11 years old.

 Sarah had a party with some friends at a local restaurant. Then we went upstairs to watch "Brave", the movie at the cinemas. Lots of giggles shared between friends.
  Her cake was made by my friend's Mother. What a gorgeous job she did. It was her first attempt at making a cake like this. The chocolate cake inside of it was fluffy and light. Just beautiful.
Speaking of beautiful, Beautiful the goat gave birth to her twin kids yesterday morning. Twin boys, noisy as anything! Choosing the worst cold weather seems to be these girls' forte when giving birth.

  I could not resist taking an image of this rainbow yesterday. Taken from the top floor of our cinema complex, the fluorescent lighting in behind me reflecting on the window. It looks like a UFO to me :)


Jayne said...

Happy birthday, Sarah!
Her cake looks lovely, well done to your friend :)
Your goats seem to birth a lot of twins, good way of doubling your stock !

Hillbilly Mom said...

Beautiful cake, beautiful kids, beautiful rainbow! Oh, yeah, and beautiful Sarah! I want to see Brave. The previews look fantastic. That time period fascinates me.

Middle Child said...

I saw the same rainbow I think...I was out at Hoppers Crossing near Spotlight

Karen (: said...

That is a gorgeous picture of the rainbow. I agree that the other lights make it look like a UFO.
I also admire that horse cake. It must've taken a while to perfect it.

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