Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lots of updates... rambling on...

This week is an exciting week for my Sarah. She turns 11 years of age on this Thursday 21st June. Sarah has been planning her own Birthday Party. It will be a luncheon at a local Pizza/Pasta Restaurant and then off to see a movie. She hand made all her invitations and handed them out to her friends today at school. I cannot wait to give her the little gifts that have been purchased these past few months. Lots of little items. Just how Sarah likes to receive gifts. Some earrings, craft sets, cooking utensils and clothing. I do wish I could purchase her a horse. I was 11yrs old when my Dad bought me a horse. It was fabulous. This will happen in time. There are two horses living alongside our goats and sheep down on the farm. I got my girls a horse riding helmet last week. They have permission to ride one of the horses. When the weather is better I will teach my girls how to ride it. It should be fun. Tomas went away with his Army Cadet Unit last weekend. He absolutely loved it. They stayed on the Army Base at Puccapunyal. I cannot believe he fell in love with mess food, haha. Then again I loved dining in the mess too when I was an Air Cadet. Nicholas continues to learn more tunes on his acoustic guitar. Like a duck to water, he hears a tune and then just picks it up. High School has, so far, been a good experience for Nick. New friends, no bullying and lots of interesting subjects to keep him alert. On the other end of the spectrum, Mia experienced bullying a week and a half ago at Primary School. It made me feel ill. It happened on a Friday before a long weekend. So I had to wait until the Tuesday to be able to talk to any authority at the school. Unfortunately the bully is the daughter of someone I have known for a long time. This family are not approachable, because they are feral. Anyway, this girl who is four years Mia's senior was handled appropriately by the school. Detention every lunch time for over a week, staying beside the yard duty teacher. It was either, "You do something or I shall go to the Police". Mia took a few days to recover but she is ok now. Only an hour ago Mia came up to me and told me that she has new friends at school and that they are all playing ball games each lunch time. That made me smile. Hubby has been working at his full time job as well as working full time on the farm. Making new paddocks, installing feeders for the goat's Lucerne to sit in and not sit in the wet when it rains. We have a few sheds and a car port to erect too. Many of our girlie goats are pregnant, and either due to give birth any day, or in 100 days (gestation is 150 days). Exciting stuff. Me, I have been working night shifts in and around Hubby's work, and the kids' schedules. Most of my shifts have been on the Plastics Unit. I love working there, the team of nurses I get to work with are amazing and they have so much knowledge to share. It makes my career all that more interesting. I will not lie, I am so buggered alot of the time but I would not trade my profession nor my busy family life for any other. I would accept a big prize from Tattslotto.... haha, that would buy our own far, and allow hubby to just be a farmer full time and I would stay working where I am whenever I wanted to work. I would also pay out a few home loans of my mates ... but that is just me.. what would you do if you won lotto?


Jayne said...

What a lovely update, Cazzie, thank goodness things are sorted out for Mia and a belated Happy birthday to Sarah :)

Ginnie said...

Hi Cazzie. First let me say that I'm so sorry about the bullying. I just can't understand what kids get out of doing that.
My oldest son who has a master's degree in architecture and worked 17 years in that field has been out of work for over two years. I know what I'd do if I won the lottery !!!
Sending hugs from across the waters.

Mom said...

I love reading about your busy, happy family.
I have all I need and most of what i want so I'm not sure what I'd do if I won the lotto. I would pay off all the debt for my family and some needy friends. Then I'd like to find a way for everyone to gain an education that wold help them to do whatever it is they dream .

Middle Child said...

Interesting post. I was never bullied at school - they were country kids and many were from farms - the girls were almost all pretty nice bunch.
If I won...(big time) I would clear my kids and sister's home loans, and hopefully be able to make it easier for them...and I'd take that trip to ireland but first class because i have shocking varicose veins and long air trips all squeezed in are not my idea of fun...I know of three people in my old home town who are severely disabled and doing it really hard...they would get enough to have a home they owned, and to be able to get new wheelchairs etc when they needed them ...and not to have to worry.

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