Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time goes by so fast....

So much has been happening of late, time is going by so fast! I am slowly getting back into the swing of work, post operatively. At times I feel a bit ill but it soon passes. I am very careful of what I eat, not that I ever ate fried foods or foods with lots of butter, or anything like that, but if I did I would be in strife since my Gallbladder is no longer there.
Our goats have moved to a new pasture, better feed and a bigger supply of water. it makes hubby happy to know they are thriving.. and yes, getting fatter too. No additions to the herd as yet, we think some kids are close to being born.
Sarah went on her first school camp to Phillip Island. She loved it and when she arrived home she was so very tired. As were the teachers that accompanied the children i would imagine.
Tomas will go on his first bivouac with Army Cadets in November, so exciting!
Nicholas has his concert with his music school at the end of November too, he has been practicing a few tunes to play. One of them is "Every breath you take" by the Police. It sounds lovely when he plays it too.
There have been some tough times at work these past few weeks. But, on the whole, the people I work with and the patients I nurse are just beautiful, I would not change my job for anything. I am very lucky to love my vocation.


Jayne said...

Goodness, it has been a long time between drinks for your blog!
Glad to hear you're still improving and that the goats are happier :)

Ginnie said...

I love that song "Every Breath You Take". What instrument does Nicholas play?
As usual your family keeps up a varied and interesting life. It's fun to live with you vicariously !

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, I know, I am lame, I am sorry. Great to see you are still about though :)

Ginnie, Nick plays the acoustic guitar. Today, prior to my coming into work, he played it for me as we sat out in the sun. It was great :)