Sunday, October 09, 2011

School Vacation time

The past few weeks have been hectic, but not in the usual way. It has been school vacation time here in Victoria, Day Light Savings began. I have been unwell until a few days ago and Mia was unwell for a short period of time also. We did not go tom as many places as we usually would because of the bad luck on some ill health. I did manage to get out of the house a few days ago and take the kids to the movies. We watched Spy Kids 4 in 4D. It was good, and we laughed. The kids were giggling and I loved watching them :)
We have had some bad luck with our goats, a few of them passed away. Despite us drenching them and immunising them on Father's Day, a new strain of worm infected some of them. Not sure how it was introduced onto the property, we certainly did not purchase any new members of the herd in that time. Sadly, one of the twins died too, but he was, we think, squashed in his sleep in amongst the herd. Since then, we have spoken about it and we will be making a pen for the mother goats and their kids, to separate them from the herd, and to protect the babies... also, to nurture the bonding between Mum and kids.
Today was a lovely day weather wise in our area. Whilst the girls and hubby went to the farm, I stayed at home and worked on the garden. I also caught up on a bit of house keeping, and hung out the washing in the beautiful sunshine.
Hope you are all well. My children go back to school for final term 4 of the year tomorrow. It sure is time they went back, time to get us all back on track now. I just realised, we missed out on going to Scienceworks. We shall go there another time.


Andrew said...

Not so great to get sick when you are on holidays. Very sad about the goats :-(

Middle Child said...

Sorry you have been sick - being well feels so good - hope you are all better now -

Ginnie said...

You and your family sure keep busy. I'm so sorry that you lost one of the twins.