Sunday, July 17, 2011

Billie the Goat is officially, a pig! Haha
Bebe the kid is happy at the farm. We miss her at our house but she must socialize with the herd. Herd? Is that the right word?
Yesterday I drove to the farm, picked up Sarah, and we drove out to Stace and Aidan's place to help celebrate Ellie's second birthday. For us, it was the highlight of the school break. Noodles the clown was wonderful and highly recommended for entertaining children and adults alike. He was NOT scary at all! A wonderful time meeting lovely people :)
Sadly, school break comes to an end. Term three begins for the children at school. Goodbye sleep ins, hello alarms :(


Andrew said...

In spite of being so destructive, goats are great fun animals.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, destructive they are. Playful they are. Too bad Billie stinks though, lol

Stace said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the party :) It was great to have you guys there.