Saturday, May 07, 2011

Today Mia and I went for a walk at a local park and we found some mushrooms that were as big as a small dinner plate in their circumference. The sad thing was, these edible delights were kicked over by someone who had come across them before we had. Possibly some children who did not know any better. Possibly some adults who thought they were toad stools and not the edible type of what we used to refer to them as "Mushie's" They had squashed some and the others were broken.

It reminded me of times when I would go mushroom-ing with my Dad as a kid. This time of the year we would put on our gumboots, grab a pocket knife, grab a bucket and head out into the paddocks near our house. The best paddocks were the ones with cattle in them of course.

We would fill the buckets with massive mushrooms. We would come home and Mum would wash them and she would cut them up and cook them in butter and serve them to us with warm buttered toast. Or, she would stuff them with a breadcrumb mix and we would eat them that way. Yummo.


Ginnie said...

I have always wanted the experience of hunting for mushrooms but it's never happened. Sounds like fun.
Re your comment on my latest blog: the Vietnam war was long over by the time we watched the paratroopers. I guess the army just keeps training because it seems there will always be a war somewhere. I hate it !

G-Man said...

We have a Mushroom called a Morel that is to DIE for(Not Literally)!
They only sprout in May.
I'm glad that you are still posting Caz, My Favorite Aussie Angel of Mercy....Galen

Joseph Pulikotil said...

It is news to me to read that the mushrooms were as big as a small dinner plate. Although I rarely see mushrooms what ever I have seen are very small and they come up after the rains.Mushrooms are a delicacy here and very expensive.

I am sure you had a wonderful time eating the mushrooms cooked by your mother.

I understand that there are poisonous mushrooms and therefore one has to be very careful.

Best wishes,

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, you are now going to have to go mushroom-ing :)

Galen, hey there matey... yummo the Morel!

Joseph, welcome. I shall try and find some more of those mushrooms and take images of them tomorrow morning to show you the true size of them.

FoxyMoron said...

I remember mushrooming with my Dad when we were on holidays but I don't know how to tell which ones are safe to eat and which ones aren't.

Middle Child said...

My dad and us kids did this - what a wonderful reminder of such good times thanks caz