Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This past week has been hectic to say the least. But the best day was this Saturday when Mia turned 8 years old. We went to Scienceworks and had a BBQ lunch there. The BBQ's are spotlessly cleaned. They are free. It only cost me $8 to enter the place, and the kids were all free.. all 6 of them. My yearly pass had expired. I shall renew it next time we go there. $70, or there abouts, is pretty good going and it gets you into Scienceworks, The Melbourne Museum, The Immigration Museum and some Imax shows. Best of all, when the going is busy, you just walk right up to the members entry and you are let in. Special.. much :)
Mia loved having her friends and her siblings with her at Scienceworks. Sarah made a massive fluffy and pink cake. She is getting to be a very accomplished cook I must say.
Tonight I am working in emergency dept. Then I am going to see my Pa on Wednesday. He has booked me into his diary.. haha. I love him :)
Yesterday I went for a massive bike ride. Of course the wind became a head wind at each and every turn. All the better for my thighs :)
Catch you all soon xoxo


karisma said...

Happy Birthday to Mia! Wow Caz! $70 is really cheap, do the kids get into all those places for free? We have a passport thing going up here where the kids get into museums for free but the parents still have to pay. My boys love the science museums and hopefully I can drag them down your way soon. I plan to come down in July, my little sister is having a baby and wants me there for the birth. :-)

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Those 'passports' are really great, aren't they?!?

Happy birthday, Mia!

Jayne said...

Happy belated birthday to Miss Mia!
Scienceworks party sounds awesome for kids!

Jules said...

Mmmmm, fluffy pink cake, sounds great!!

Ginnie said...

Sounds like a great place to celebrate a birthday and reasonable too.
Give Mia my best from across the world.

Cazzie!!! said...

Karisma, yes they do get in for free, as well as they get to attend each speacial exhibition for free, and get to choose between the planetarium or the lightening room at the Scienceworks Museum.. once a year you get to choose. It sure is affordable. Also, if you are a teacher and show your card, as the adult, you get in for free, as do concession card holders. Kids are free :) We ought to catch up when ur in Melb xoxo

Mal, they sure are, and thanks, Mia had a great day xoxo

Jayne, thanks for that, it sure was a perfect day for it too.

Jules, it sure was fluffy and pink xoxo

Ginnie, I just hugged and kissed her from you xoxo