Monday, February 07, 2011

The youngest three of my sproutlings began school last Friday. I know, I know, stupid idea beginning school on a Friday.. but it was scheduled and so they went and it went too fast for them.. their words not mine!
Today, Monday, Tom began Year 8 and he seemed to have had a great day catching up with his mates. He handed in his book report that had to be completed over the Summer break. He chose to read "Once", by Morris Gleitzman. I pre read the book and it left me feeling so sad inside for a few days. I always find it hard to deal with the atrocities of war, particularly in reference to the holocaust. Told through the eyes of a child, "Once" is a deeply moving book. One thing is for sure, Morris Gleitzman has been able to put together the stories of many people who were affected, and most did die, by the Holocaust, and in doing so, he has kept them alive. They shall not be forgotten. (It is the reason I love books)

Today I went on my first bike ride. It was a lovely Sunny day and the wind was the only thing that drove me nuts! Every turn we made the wind decided to change too. Head winds suck! lol Right now my muscles feel great, but let's see how they are when I wake up first thing in the morning shall we?

I am forgetting to write about the rain storm we had here on the weekend. Hubby was away up in Rochester assisting with the flood clean up and lots of other things that people needed assistance with from the storms a few weeks ago. We had a rain storm, a few actually. Our court began to flood. The rain cleared, but I knew there were more storm cells to come. With that in mind I grabbed the dog, told the kids to get in the car and we went to their Nan's place for the night. We were high and dry there. We were the lucky ones on that night. So many people have not even got back into their street let alone their house because of the floods caused by the tail end of that cyclone.
Australia has cyclone, flood and fires at the moment. Gosh, we sure do cop it!


Beet said...

We sure do cop it!

My three have had a great start so far. Hoping it continues that way for mine and yours :)

karisma said...

Oh I hope it does not keep raining down there. We got some pretty strong winds 2 nights ago but that was it. Although there are storms predicted they have been blowing over us so far thankfully.

Might have to get that book for Adem to read, I have been struggling with his dad wanting to send him to school so its nice to here what others his age are reading or doing at school! hint hint! LOL I would send him if he wanted to go, but he doesnt and the local school is horrid!

We are focussing on Marine Biology this term but aiming more at History next term.

Keep safe lovely! mwah xoox

Middle Child said...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!