Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Summer Holidays Almost Over

So, we are near the end of the Summer holidays and none of us are happy about that in this place. The kids have been sleeping in beautifully and that has suited me to a T because I work night shift, as everyone knows, and I hate waking up early on days off. What am I saying, I don't even fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning when I have been on days off.
Since last night, hubby and I have been winding the kids down and into bed by 8pm. They have been waking up prior to 9am then, It will make it easier to transition into the school routine then.
The days have been in excess of 40 degrees Celsius. It has been nice to welcome in a cool change this afternoon. All the doors and windows thrown open to let the cool air circulate. Poor Bondi felt the heat and we had him indoors giving him water with a little ice in it.
Tomorrow hubby is heading out with some work mates to assist in the clean up from the floods that have affected so many towns here in Victoria. He has five days off of work. He will spend a couple of them staying on location up around the Rochester area and doing whatever the volunteers are required to do.
When the kids do go back to school I am looking forward to getting back on the deadly treadley peddly (aka bicycle) and riding along the river again. I will also pick up a few more shifts at work and sleep while the kids are at school, waking in time for them to crash through the door :)


Jayne said...

I may soon be joining you on the deadly treadly albeit in a tandem trike type of way lol.
Hate the end of hols, that sense of freedom is so short lived but fabulous while it lasts.

Ginnie said...

Once again, as I shiver in the winter breezes, I realize how far we are from each other... yet we enjoy each other's blogs and isn't that how it should be, world-wide?
Maybe we should tell the politicos to try it !!

Beet said...

All our bikes are still up in nsw so I can't do the bike thing lol

Good on your hubby for helping with the clean up. He's a good egg. ;)

Mom said...

ahh, I am longing for summer.
I begin my PT finally today. Hopefully i will soon be going on long walks and be getting back into shape.

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, yeah, the kids are getting into the routine of things second day into the school year. I miss them already! But, I did get to go for a nice bike ride today, and it was Heaven :)

Ginnie, I fear our words may fall on deaf ears to the politicos :) They seem to be a different breed to the rest of us.. pity for them, they are missing out :) xoxo

Beet... just move those legs of yours while you are seated, and get some maraccas and cha cha cha in your seat.. that'll get the cardiovascular system a pumpin'lol xoxo

Mom, you will be tripping the light fantastic in no time xoxo