Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On the right is coz lettuce, then beetroot, one row of onions and two rows of sugar snap peas. and the back box has spuds..yummo!
Blogger is playing funny buggers and would not load my excellent pictures of hubby's vegetable gardens..I ought to say, the kids' vegetable gardens too. They are coming along so awesome now. Nick and Mia have been eating the carrots straight out of the ground..well, after rinsing them under the hose of course.
Yesterday Mia and Sarah both got awards at the school assembly. One for "getting along" and the other for "persistance". I am so proud of them, they are developing nicely.
I have worked a few afternoons this week, on Orthopaedics/Trauma twice. Then I had a day off and then I have worked on Orthopaedics/Trauma, Coronary Care and now Renal/Endocrine Unit on night shift. Then I will have quite a few days off. This weekend we will hook up the caravan and go camping and fishing with the kids. Argh, we know it is Winter, but that has not deterred us before from camping and fishing has it?
So, today when I get home from work, I shall tackle blogger to load up those pics.


Ginnie said...

Your gardens put me to shame. We've had so much heat that it all seems to shrivel up. No wonder the veggies and fruits in our super markets are so costly!

Middle Child said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend away - ...am soo impressed with your veggie garden.

FoxyMoron said...

What do you use for pest deterrent Cazzie? That was the biggest problem we had with vegies (apart from the chickens).