Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey friends :) I got a $10 gift card and a letter of apology in the mail from the fresh produce department of Woolworths/Safeway. Better than nothing. It pays for two of those yummy salads that I love. I was surprised and I am happy with what I received.
I have been working about 6 shifts a fortnight lately, and I am back into workinf afternoons instead of nights. It is so different working afternoon shift. The traffic is busier, the hospital is full of people, and I have to "jockey" park the car more times than not. This means leaving the keys to my car with the attendants of the car park. I tell them to watch my baby..and they park it close to the entrance exit for me most of the time. I am guessing it is because I chat with them and make small talk instead of cracking the wobblies at them for just doing their job.
The kids are doing so well at school. They are maturing so fast I am scared to shut my eyes!
Hubby has had his hands full with work too. It is no secret that the transport industry is having a bad time of it here in Melbourne, you just have to look at the news services to see that.
Hubby and the kids are working hard on the veggie garden and it is coming along so well. He plans on teaching the kids all different ways to be master chef when it comes to cooking veggies. I have been teaching them to bake.
I will post pics of the veggie gardens tomorrow. We took them a few nights ago but I have been too busy to load them onto my laptop... take care :)


farmwifetwo said...

Send hubby to my house... mine's hidden in weeds. Everything is 2 weeks ahead too... sigh... been a hot muggy one this year after a cold one last year.

Been lurking off and on.... hope all is well.

Mom said...

Your life sounds full and happy.
Being friendly to people always seems to be a good way of getting better service.

Jayne said...

I used to prefer pm shifts, lol. Your car park guys sound nice :)

Andrew said...

$10 should buy you the ingredients to make two good salads from scratch. Gosh Cazzie, its not as if you have much else to do :-P

Ginnie said...

Do you have any special recipes for the "veggies"? I can make a whole meal with nothing but them.
Did you, by any chance, read my recent blog about the hospital that I worked in for years? It is now completely smoke free and I thanked the Dr. who was resposible for that and he called me last night and said he'd read it and was so pleased to be thanked. Not your ordinary Doc !

Middle Child said...

I need a veggie garden - am thinking of making one where i don't have to bend over too much - a couple of fused vetenbrae mean I just can't do the bending for too long or risk spending time on bed rest - not worth the pain - but I have seen those ones you can make into a bed up at waist height... and chooks too but only after the book is out there - so nice that your husband is so involved with his kids - if only more men were that involved the world would be a much happier and stable place - kids need their dad as well as their mum - but not just there, he needs to be involved

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey there FW2 :) Hiow are you lady? I shall send Andrew on over..may take a while for him to fly there..his arms will be exhausted!

Mom, a smile and being friendly sure is the way to go :)

Jayne, hehe, I always did pms, but now I am in sync with nights I think.

Andrew, lol.. I know, life is so dull!

Ginnie, I just love to cut up the raw salad ingredients, or grate them and serve them on a big platter on the centre of the table. Then the kids will serve themselves what they like to eat. I also place many different toppings for the veggies/salad, including cut up lemon slices to squeeze onto the lettuce :)
I did catch that post, It is amazing how the interwebs connect us all and take us back in time.

Therese, yeah, making a veggie garden does not mean having to bend down if you canot bend down. I know people who live in apartments (nurses I work with), who have set up planter boxes on their balcony and have an array of veggies growing. Then, as they cook they step out and they pick what they need to use. You can use anything for the plant boxes...wooden crates, an old discarded esky..anything :)
Thanks for the compliments too, Andrew and I try our very best to provide the kids with all the love we can dish out, and then some. Being involved in their schooling as well as home life too. It is hard to balance it with all the work we do, but we would not change life at all...perhaps just to move to the country.