Sunday, June 06, 2010

Today was wet and drizzly, yet it did not perturb my girls at all. They both went to the park which is a stone's throw away from our place, and kept on with making a cubby house. They used tree branches and leaves and other things they found on the ground. Then they found a plank of wood and used it to "sweep" the floor of their cubby made the ground level. I was invited inside their new play house as it had started to rain. "See Mum, you won't get wet and the wind won't make you cold now!", said Mia and Sarah.
I cooked hot dogs for lunch and heated up the rolls, that warmed their little tummies. I cooked lamb chops and multiple veg for tea. Last night I cooked cupcakes with coconut in them, they vanished before they even cooled down!
Oh, I almost forgot, I made a big pot of pea and ham soup too. D'lish! Sarah has almost polished off the pot of pumpkin soup I made a few days ago. It sure is soup weather.
In two minutes I am on the clock, working night shift on neurosurgery.... off I go :)


Andrew said...

Among brainy people tonight then Cazzie? Oh dear. Aren't cubbies just great for kids. We had one.

Mom said...

Your little one certainly do eat well!
I love the cubby house thing.

Ginnie said...

Your weather is a complete opposite of ours...95 degrees and dry!!

Middle Child said...

I used to love making cubby houses, and mum would make sure we had warm things to eat on cold days - we were the lucky are your kids