Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom has his first assignment..he chose to do it on Ned Kelly. Sounds interesting much? I did post something about Ned on my Friday's History post a while back. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.
Today the rain pelted Victoria...something we need muchly. Please be careful out there on the roads...or avoid them all together if you can. It is so humid too, I can't believe it.
I remember as a kid having to stay at home from school after such a large down pour. Our street would get flooded and we couldn't get out.
My favourite memory is of getting in the puddles and scooping up the tadpoles :)
What would be your favourite memory of Summer rain?


Andrew said...

With R's sister and bro in law. After a stinking hot day, we just made it to the Inkerman Hotel whereby it bucketed down. Everyone was at the windows watching.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

We've actually had some good follow-up rain up this way as well... but nothing quite as flooding as for you folks down there in mexico! lol.

Growing-up, we had a normally small, quiet, placid little creek running under the road almost opposite our place. we used to spend a zillion hours mucking about in the big storm-water drains, the mud, the clay, the muck... you know, little boys stuff! hahahaaa

one day during a torrential downpour, i was at home as i watched the water level rise so much that it actually not only covered the roadway - but swept the little wooden bridge over the creek away! Jeesus!

Needless to say, they replaced it with a more-solid concrete thing afterwards... more stormwater drains for the local kids to muck about in! hahahaa

g-man said...

I can't remember Cazz, it's too far a distant memory!!

karisma said...

Not to scare you or anything but my fondest memory of summer rain was living on a main road that had a slight dip at one corner. When ever we got a summer storm it would flood so we would play in the gutter and then watch cars come flying down the road and hit the very deep puddle and go floating! My goodness I can't imagine letting my kids do that! LOL

Ned Kelly projects are fun, we did one a few years back and then backed it up with the Aboriginal version (Jandamurra)

Mom said...

weather has been the only topic here with our record breaking snow.
I used to love to jump in puddles after a good rain, but in California the rains were never huge.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, lucky you made it there ... you might've been needing a canoe to get about like in Venice :)

Mal, I laughed at that story, I just love hearing stories from when people grew up :)

Galen...not true mate, you are a baby :)

Karisma, the Aboriginal version would be ace!

Mom, yes I have been seeing it on the news here, amazing contrast in weather !!

Ginnie said...

How strange that I am on the opposite side of the world from you but we just came through a bout of pelting rain, too.!!

Jayne said...

Hey, Cazzie, thought Tom might be able to use this for his assignment
Ned Kelly Discussion it's a good 'un ;)
Love Summer downpours :)

poody said...

cool I read a book on Ned and it was very interesting indeed.