Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What the??

I just read about something that is absolutely disgusting in The Herald Sun... well, no surprises there right? Some imbeciles have defaced the statue of Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop. What an outrage! You can read about a true hero HERE.

Aside from that there was something funny in the paper in the section they call In Black and White. In reference to bras and nick names over the years. Some examples are...
*Propaganda Bras- make mountains out of molehills.
*Salvo Bra- uplifting to the fallen.
*Presbyterian Bra- staunch and upright.
*German Bra- Holtzemfromfloppen!
*Sheep Dog Model- rounds them up and points 'em in the right direction!!!
Haha... all in good fun people...all in good fun.

Oh wow the rain here has settled in..it has been raining since 7am and I am hoping it fills my Auntie's water storages and also my cousin's too. We are going to have a massive water bomb fight this Christmas Day... my Uncle is due a massive serve from us all this year!!


Stace said...

Isn't there a song... "everybody knows the world is full of stupid people"... so true :(

Andrew said...

Not the vandalism, but the rest was very uplifting.

Cazzie!!! said...

Haha Stace there sure is! Now how do I get it out of my head??

Andrew, hahahaha, very good :)

Jayne said...

There is a word for those kind of scum, starts with C and is not often used in polite circles.

karisma said...

Yes I saw that on the news! Disgusting! Love the bra jokes :-)

Mom said...

I am giggling about bras now

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

"Asshats" is the correct expression, i believe... grrrr.

Send us your rain! We've got bushfires around us here! well, paddock/grass fires, but it's smokey all the same.