Monday, November 09, 2009

Flat out like a lizzard drinkin' in the Sun!

Few and far between are my posts here..but never the less... my days are jam packed with things that have kept me busy. I have worked... a few mornings, I am too tired to count them right now.
I worked on the Open Heart Surgery Ward a few times (Cardiothoracics)..... on the Renal Ward (Renal Transplants and Dialysis), Diabetic Foot Unit and Endocrinology Units...and also on the Colorectal/Hepatobiliary Units. The people I have worked with have been exceptional team players. This earlier-than-usual heatwave Melbourne has been experiencing has not been missed by us in the hospital. Visitors bring in the heat, it radiates from their bodies. Today I was ferrying water to visitors for fears they would otherwise collapse. When I got home from work I had a bit of a headache, I was drinking water..maybe not enough?
Tomorrow is my last morning, and then I will have 5 days off. I cannot wait. I get to spend time with my hubby and kids. Yippee!!!
I have added in some pictures from a party I took the girls to ths Saturday gone. It was an awesome old style party. In a hall, with fairy lights, music and good old fashioned dancing. We all had such a great time too!

Mia at the school fete last Friday.


Andrew said...

My you are versatile Cazzie.

FoxyMoron said...

Lovely party Cazzie, what fun! The old fashioned parties are the best I reckon.

Hot here too, and what would we do without nurses to help us through it?

FoxyMoron said...

Lovely party Cazzie, what fun! The old fashioned parties are the best I reckon.

Hot here too, and what would we do without nurses to help us through it?

Mom said...

I remember those busy days of working with patients and trying to raise a family. I'm glad to be able to laze around now and enjoy a quieter life.

Jayne said...

Looks like a lovely party :)
Think you've earned your days off!

Coffespaz said...

WOW - you are one talented lady Cazzie! I'm glad you've had a little time to enjoy the weather...though I must admit that I'm a little jealous now that our days are much shorter and we are starting to have to scrape our car windows in the morning. :-)

Friggin said...

I have been wondering where Cazzie has been but I see you are quite busy. Love the party

A Slice of Life said...

Look at those happy little girls! I love it!

Enjoy your days off :)

karisma said...

Cute pics...that heatwave is not passing us by either. We have had a few hot days. One day was 40 after having a couple of really cold days it was weird.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Crikies! The joys of an Aussie summer, huh? Hope the rest of your week is a goodie, ma'am :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I forget that I am versatile until I have to answer the phone at work and think of what area I am working on at the time. Yesterday I answered the phone with "Good morning, Neurology, oops, I mean Neurosurgery Carolyn speaking". I do it all the time :)

Foxy, the old parties sure are fun. 35 degrees here currently.

Mom, yup, lazing around is what I had planned to do today, but I have not done that yet, lol.

Jayne, thanks I am happy to be on days off :)

Coffee, our scraping of the car windows will happen when you have surf and sun..haha funny world we live in :)

Friggin, I am trying to get onto your blog without success today, will try again soon :)

A Slice, happy girls are fun girls :)

Karisma, the weather pattern sure is weird hey? Huggs :)

Mal, I hope the rest of my week is gr8 too..and urs :)

Middle Child said...

Old fashioned parties...and cheaper...maybe that could become a trend.

"Flat out like a lizzard drinkin' in the Sun!" we Aussies have some great terms