Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Days off..

Today is the first of five days off for hubby and I. Well, if you can count today as a day off. Hubby got home from work at about 3am today..and so has had to sleep half of it. So I got up, got the kids off to school and went for bike ride before the Sun got too hot. Actually, I also took our lovely Au Pair to the train station so she could go to one of our most favourite places, The Grampians. She is so lucky, she will stay there for her 5 days off. I cannot wait to see the pictures she takes.
Tonight, when it cooled down, hubby and I did some back yard tidying up. The rose bushes were out of control and the grass beside the fence was too. That is because we put our washing rinse water onto the lawn and it is growing madly out there. Better to have grass than have dirt and the dirt comes in on my white tiles in the laundry..ick! Bain of my existence.
Things are going along so fast. every time I write the date on top of my hand over sheet at work I say "Wow, closer to December every day!" I am usually ready for the event that shall not be named..ahh, I will name it..Christmas....but I am not ready at all. I have not bought more than 5 things so far for the kids. Some books and some clothes that is it. They do not get much, but what we get them comes with alot of love.
The trampoline mat is needing replacement, that or a larger trampoline is in store. It is now 5 years old and is the most favourite of all their equipment so far. I also wanted to get a Volleyball set for the whole family, We can take it on picnics with the family and all join in on it. We already have a totum tennis set.
Then there are school fees and books and uniforms to think about for next year. Next week we have a meeting for tom;s High School to speak about fees and book lists, I am bracing myself for that. Anyway.. it is all exciting that Tom starts High School. He is just so big now and so gorgeous :)
I cut Sarah, Mia and Nick's hair tonight, it was getting on my got a bit. They sat on the trampoline out in the cool air one by one and let me fuss over them, Mia went crook at me when I stopped, she wanted me to fuss some more, so I did..but I did not chop at her hair like she did not so long ago..haha.
Enough said for now..nigh night :)


Jayne said...

LOL Sounds like your days off will be well enjoyed, you'll have to do some quick shopping!

G-Man said...

You have an Au Pair??
She is lovely indeed...

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Glad ur doing your outside 'work' is the cooler parts of the day. Summers' hit with a vengeance, huh?

My 13-yo son [13 today!!!] starts High School next year as well, so i wholly appreciate where all your feelings and thoughts follow with all of that! Great times.

Andrew said...

No Cazzie. It would have been better if you did not say that c word. Enjoy your break.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Hiya. If you'd like read my new blog, feel free to drop me a line. Ta.
Mal :)

Reg Reagan said...


Have a good break, you deserve it. I've been flat out with work, thought I'd drop in a say hi!

Reggie xxxx

Middle Child said...

A nurse, mother, wife, gardener, cyclist and a hairdresser as well..begorrah

rosemary said...

5 days off....sounds lovely. I am dreading that upcoming event too....bad weather compounds the stress leading up to it.

Ginnie said...

You sure have your hands filled. I remember those days when Christmas seemed to come way too soon for me.