Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today is a lovely day out there and I don;t plan on wasting it. Weeds are needing to be plucked out of the garden...and I have 5 helpers! Tom has his mate over and so they will all come give me a hand... and then they can have something yummy for lunch :)
I worked yesterday morning, it was a very busy shift. I was down to work today and I called in and said I wouldn't be up to it for worries, that is the beauty of being casual. I was not booked into any particular area as yet so I was not letting anyone down.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend :)

Addit.... I just viewed a brand new advertisement/ announcement on the telly by John Brumby about preparing for bushfires prior to this coming season.
PREPARE ACT SURVIVE is the message..and get out early if there is warning that a fire is near your area. Well, Iwill be sure to have my place ready for my cousins if they need it. The Musk Vale fire this last Summer was very close and made things very hairy for them all. There is still 50,000 tonne of fire feul there per hectare near my cousins. They are not silly, they will leave.


Andrew said...

Wear a hat Cazzie. Sun is getting stronger.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I just got in from weeding out the front and yes, I sure did have to grab my Akubra out of the caravan! I reckon it got to at least 24degrees celcius out there today.

karisma said...

It was raining here on and off but I still managed to get in a little gardening and some shopping for baseball gear for Zak!

We have already suffered some bushfires here in the past few weeks. Never nice but better early than summertime! They tend to sort them out a lot quicker! While I worry for the animals at least the humans are spared at this time. I pray we don't have any more like you got last year!

Hugs and smoochies xxoxoxo

Mom said...

Enjoy the fine weather.
Those big fires can be very scary.

Jayne said...

Heard the announcement but was too busy nomming roast chook lol.

Cazzie!!! said...

Karsima, cool baseball is fun fun fun. And yes, we used to "burn off" around our block as a kid BEFORE summer..and it made it that much less anxiety for us loiving rural.

Mom, they sure can, and I was watching the news for fires in the USA.. you guys get some rippers like us :(

Jayne, nom nom yumm yumm me love chooky

Middle Child said...

Fires scare the bejesus out of me