Thursday, October 01, 2009

Being a Nurse Means...

You will always be busy,
Every day brings something new,
You will step into people's lives...
and make a difference..
Maybe just for that time,
Hopefully longer than that!

Some will bless you,
Some will definitely curse you,
You may see life begin,
You WILL see life end,
You will feel privileged to be there for either.

This means, you will see the best in some people,
And also the worst come out in some people.
You will experience amazing triumphs,
And learn inner secrets of wonderful people.
Everyone has an amazing story..
If you just take the time to listen.

You will never cease to be amazed by the things you see.
You will laugh a lot,
And you will cry a lot.
You will know that in the end...
No amount of money can buy you the passage to Heaven..
But a good heart and humane practice just might!

And upon spell check I got "No misspellings found" HUZZAH!!


FoxyMoron said...


Where would we be without you wonderful nurses?

Jayne said...

Excellent and spot on, Cazzie!!!!

G-Man said...

You are truely an..
Angel of Mercy!

Andrew said...

If it all so good, why do we need to pay you to do it? :-P

Donn w/2nz said...

Never trust spellcheck, especially if it's the "merkin" version!

I loved you poem and having a sister and friends who "nurse" makes it all ring true.

Most people don't have "jobs" that deal with life & fact, most people do everything humanly possible to avoid even thinking about such matters!!

That's why what you do is so special..and all the bullsh*t about people pretending goes down the drain when the rubber meets the road. What really matters in Life becomes painfully obvious.

I also get the black humour that can accompany working in that else could you deal with such emotional issues?

Luv it!

rosemary said...

once a nurse, always a nurse.....paid for it or not.

Cazzie!!! said...

Foxy, awww, thanks.

Jayne, glad I am spot on :)

Galen, I love that saying :)

Andrew..aww, I know that if I was rich I'd still be a nurse for a day or two a week..but on an Island :)

Donn, the Monty Python humour is what keeps us going mate..that is for sure!

karisma said...

Hang on! You look after OLD people? Can you look after me? Oh go on! You know you want to!

Mom said...

Well said.

FoxyMoron said...

Monty Python? You don't go around calling out.............oh never mind that's probably a bit too black.

jillie said...

I know that oh so well!!!!

Gotta love us nurses!

Middle Child said...

Thats you Cazzie and my sister veronica, and my old aunty Ruth now 92 who was a matron in the old days, but still could muck about putting dexal into a patient's urinal bottle to give him a start - along with the junior nurses...the old matrons weren't all severe certainly not my aunt