Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lessons people!

Ok, lesson one. You all know I ride my mountain bike as many days a week as possible with my friend. We ride along the Werribee River first thing in the morning. OK. We come across who we call "Flyers". They are serious cyclist who ride those skinny bicycles..wear lycra and have a serious arse up, head dwn approach to riding. They fly past us and don't say boo.
Alright. This guy yesterday was flying up behind us, never said boo and instead of us being able to move on over to let him fly past us he decides he will over take us and go off track. That means of course he is off to the side, on the soft grass area. Then he has to get back onto the cement track...well, his front wheel skids along in the groove between the grass and the cement track. But, for some reason he makes it onto the track in front of us and ever-s0-slowly falls onto his right hand side. It was kind of slow motion and I was usuing expletives as I looked over at my friend who was trying to break and trying not to end up in the Werribee River at the same time!
We all stopped, well, he had no choice, he had met the ground. We dismounted and said "Shit, are you alright? Why didn't you yell out or use a bell to letus know you were approaching?" He had no bell...and well, he did have a voice but didn't use it. Anyway, all checked out he was skun but not a broken bone was evident. Although, I was concerned about his right knee.
Lucky he had full lenth pants and top on..if it was nice weather he would have left skin on the track. Just as we all rode off the rain pelted down, so we snuck in under a bridge to get shelter. The wind was unreal..just gusting and the rain..wow!
Today was no better, then again, the rain waited until 3pm when the school bell went. Of course!
So, the lesson is, if you want to get past two slow riders then yell out..we will move!
The other lesson that I learned today is that in the future I must have cash on me if I am not intending to pay via VISA for tickets through Ticketek. To get tickets for the J Rock finals for Tomas' performance this month I waited in line for the first 20mins until I realised a sign there said "ONLY cash or VISA not EFTPOS to purchase tickets here". I had to walk the full main street to the ATM to get cash out.
I also forgot that Footy Finals tickets were also being sold and so the line was very long.
Then another hour wait to get my tickets. By the time the guy in front of me got to the counter and was told he could not buy footy grandfinal tickets until the next day because he wasn't a member of his footy team..he was not a happy chappy!
Well, I am happy, we got some great seats to watch Tomas as a family and cheer the school on in the Grandfinals next week. The girls and I are going to make posters and get glow sticks to cheer them on.


Andrew said...

Maybe bicycles need those spoke clicking things, but not too loud. Where is the Eisteddfod being held?

Cazzie!!! said...

Yesah, good idea Andrew, re the spoke clickers.
Eisteddfod is being held at Hisence arena 18th Sept.

Mom said...

Cheer him on with signs and shouts and happy applause.

Jayne said...

Had a similar experience along Flinders Walk the other day except with joggers - they didn't call out, were very quiet, the silly bugger tried to undertake us and he almost ended up in the Yarra!
Good luck for the Eisteddfod!

Jules said...

What a dick, he deserved what happened to him. LOL.

That ticket setup is a joke.

You would be a good Australian Idol mum.

You are more than welcome to come and live with me, the more the merrier, but I don't know what Blair would think of random Aussie blogger and family descending upon our country bliss. LOL

Stace said...

Back in Melbourne, Aidan used to be one of those flyers! Although I'm sure his bike has a bell. Did you know it's actually illegal for your bike not to have a bell? Aidan keeps threatening to give people tickets for it. haha

Middle Child said...

I don't know what it is about those sorts of bike riders but it brings out a sort of derision in my dark little heart. Ordinary bike riders are lovely people, will allow people to pass, have manners etc but too many of these with their wierd tights and preying mantis helmuts, just think the road is all theirs and will not move over even in the interests of safety. I live near a narrow two lane arterial road which they use a lot which is fine, but when there are garbage trucks and semi trailers coming at you and three abreast riders in front on a 100kph road, you can't take the risk of even attempting to get past. If they would just form a single file things would be fine...seems to be a bit of an attitude thingie - not all and not to generalise, but this never seems to happen with ordinary bike riders

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, I sure plan to.

Jayne, lol, I picture that happening because it was we that almost ended up in the Werribee River, whilst he undertook us!

Jules, couldnt have said it better myself..what a dick, LMAO!!
I sure would be an awesome Idol Mum..and I wish I could go on idol myself if I could sing!
The ticket thing sure is a joke mate.
Oh, and just to let you know, I never ever come to visit without prior warnings, nor without food and toiet paper, LMAO.

Stace, I need Aidan to come riding with me and Pat, and then he can issue tickets ..hehe.

Therese, you know te name we have for those type of riders? "Suicyclists". Absolute madness. Yes, Pat and I ride almost every day. We are happy to get fit and enjoy the ride no matter the weather. We always say hi to everyone. Those serious riders never ever say hi back..but we continue to say hi to them. Amazing hey?