Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Story of Inspiration..

Melody Gardot is a truly talented young woman. She is an American girl who had been hit by a car at the tender age of 19. She was riding her bicycle and took a hard hit to her head when a driver ran a red light in his Jeep Cherokee. Her pelvis was shattered in two places and spinal injuries meant she was in hospital on her back for a year.
Melody had to re-learn how to do simple things such as brushing her teeth and walking and to this day she needs a cane to walk. When performing, Melody sits on a special chair. Besides that, she also became sensitive to both light and sound and has to wear dark glasses.
Prior to the accident, Melody had been known to play piano a little. Yet, resulting from the accident, Melody could not sit, stand or walk right away. So, she lay in her bed and took up the guitar as a way to continue on the musical path. Now she writes, composes and plays so many lovely tunes.
We all know music is the Universal language right? But, it is also wonderful for the soul..and well, Melody sure does sing lovely! What a wonderful way to turn such a negative event into a positive one.
A very short advertising clip of Melody can be seen HERE. She is just sublime!


Mal's Team Gherkin said...


Go the human spirit!!!!!

Hope you're all safe from those predicted high strong winds coming your way this evening, ma'am!!! :O

G-Man said...

Inspirational...And beautiful!
Thanks Cazz......G

Jayne said...

Saw her on the TV tonight - she has a beautiful voice :)

Mom said...

Beautiful voice and truly inspiring!

Ginnie said...

Thanks, Cazzie. She is beautiful inside as well as outside. I'm so glad that she has music in her life.

rosemary said...

what a beautiful voice....she has that Billie holiday vibrato to her voice.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, it sure is great human spirit..nd you know what, you posess it too Mal..you just gotta find it mate, I know it is there.

Galen, she sure is lovely.

Jayne, yeah she sure does.

Mom, insipiring is the word.

Ginnie, music sure is wonderful.

Rosemary, yeah, you are right.. perhaps he is one of many influences in her life?

Middle Child said...

Wow! I had heard about her...she is impressive and one special woman