Monday, August 24, 2009

Seaspray, Gippsland, Victoria.

Over the weekend we went for a long drive to a gorgeous place in Victoria. The place is Seaspray, along the 90 Mile Beach. Yesterday was such gorgoeous weather too. Unlike days prior and indeed, unlike today's gale force winds and hail storms.
We went to visit an Auntie and her children, our kids got to meet their second cousins who were visiting from Darwin. This time we were researching hubbie's Dutch family Heritage.
His Heritage begins in Holland pre second World War. Opa was in the Dutch Underground and he was a real life Indiana Jones with the people he saved in any which way he could. The family came to Australia and were in quarantine in Gippsland the year before Melbourne held the Olympics.
Work was mainly labor, on farms and in factories. Life was difficult at first but everyone seemed to blend in after a few years residing in Australia.
The good thing about researching Dutch heritage is that there are log books from boat immigration and that in Holland, they have a register for every single person buried over there. The hard thing is translating it all into English, here is where we welcome the translator page on the world wide web.
Next thing to do is to go to the Immigration Museum in town to get pics of the boat hubbie's family came over on. Exciting huh?
The whole family had a great day beach fishing. We did not catch any fish, but it was just so relaxing and fun on a warm Winter's day :)


Jayne said...

Used to go fishing down that way when the ex and I owned land in Loch Sport, would have been a very lovely day for you all :)

Mom said...

Family history is a fascinating thing. My dad spent hours in old courthouses trying to learn about his roots. With the advent of the world wide web the research has become much easier. We have traced our family back to England in the eighteenth century.

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, I loved it down there and it i hard to know whether I want to move to the bush or the beach now..hmmm.

Mom, wow, eighteenth century, it is amazing to find stories from our heritage..and to think that what we do now will be our familie's heritage years down the track. Makes me wanna discover something that has not been discovered before...just so my life looks interesting to my great grandchildren, hehe.

Andrew said...

Loch Sport, mosquito infested place with no electricity or fish for that matter. Maybe we went on the wrong day. Sorry Jayne.

Cazzie if you haven't been, the Immigration Museum is great. Allow plenty of time.

Jayne said...

You were in the right place, Andrew, bloody dreadful mozzie infestation all year round (even the middle of freezing Winter) but the fishing isn't too bad...sometimes ;)

Middle Child said...

Sounds like a lovely day...its amazing the resources open to us these days for family history