Saturday, August 01, 2009

Now this is progress....

Until I sighted this image I actually did think I looked good on this day. This was at my friend's place February last year. We had a BBQ, it was a great day. The kids played with other kids, I joked laughed and sang with friends. At the end of the day I looked at that image, I could not believe it.
I have always had a healthy dietary intake. So what I had needed to do was to start a regime of slow steady exercise. The Activities I chose were walking and bike riding. I enjoy both of those activities and so it began. Just after this image was taken, I made sure I was going to stick with what was decided. If not for my children, for myself. "Self" being the operative word.

This image above was taken a few months on in my journey. I have to tell you I do not weight myself, I go by my clothes sizes..and how things get too big to wear. I now have compliments from people who I do not know, but who see me every day out on my course. It is refreshing and makes me feel proud. Best of all, when hubby and the kids tell me I am looking good.. I know I am on the right path.

This picture of me (yes, my profile pic) is six months ,and two dress sizes down, into my journey..a journey to beat Diabetes and Heart Disease which is inherent in my family, on both sides. A journey that has been a hard one at times, especially when I am tired from working night shift, from being mum's taxi to four children and sometimes, from the pain I get in my side due to an infection I had 3 years ago that almost claimed my life. The road is not smooth, I know when to rest and take stock. Learning to listen to my body and mind has been a journey in itself.
I am lucky that on the day of this image, which Tomas took, I had a pampering from a friend. She dyed my hair and straightened it, I love it straightened!
Now, as Andrew requested, I will be getting hubby to take a new image of me as. He is not home at the moment, and I shall post it as my new profile pic as soon as possible...I promise :)

I am grateful I am alive, enjoying this wonderful experience and being able to share it with everyone too. Alright, enough about myself, I am not used to speaking about myself like this people :)


Andrew said...

That would be four years ago I think Cazzie. 2005? You wrote the post in 2006? Regardless, what an amazing tale of a supposed routine operation.

I think it is great that you have made such a lifestyle effort. You must feel better for it and have more energy and without a doubt, it will mean a better quality and longer life when you are old.

We should all take a leaf from your book......but then I think of Dame M. She drank a lot, smoked heavily, only nibbled at food and she lived a very happy life until a couple of months before she died at the age of 82, pretty close to the average life span for Australian females.

I dunno. I guess you just have to do what is right for yourself, good or bad.

I wish I could remember you as a 16 year old. It is just outside my memory. I can remember bits, but I can't exactly remember you.

Anyway, you have done well in many areas. Take some pride.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, yeah, you are correct with the sums there :( Shame on me.
I agree with you about the way we live our lives. Often I ask an elderly patient what their secrets are in their know, some people have their first inpatient experience ever at the age of 80 yrs or above...and usually it is to have a drink, or smoke a cigar or live life the way you see fit.
I love that I get to learn so much from people. Dame M would have been a treasure to know..and I love that you were able to share her story with us.
As a 16 year old, I had that farrah fawcett hair do going on, lol..I'll link it below for you :)

g-man said...

You've always been a good looker Cazz..
That will never change!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Galen..awwww, shucks... thanks :)

karisma said...

Well I think you look beautiful in all those pictures. But I know exactly what you mean. I also do not weigh myself but know by my size that I have been lazy lately and put on quite a few kilos. Nothing fits me! And I feel uncomfortable. I am trying to exercise more but finding it hard to focus as I am so busy lately with the kids.

I decided the other day after playing on the slide I should start joining in on play more. At least that is some exercise LOL I do so love my beach walks though and have missed them so much this week.

Jayne said...

Cazzie you look great in all of those photos!
The weighing thing doesn't work, clothing size is much better :)

Mom said...

You look wonderful. You inspire me to try harder to do what I know i ought to do.

FoxyMoron said...

I'm with Karisma, you look great in all the photos, but you look so happy and healthy in the "after" one! I too have unruly curls and have to blow dry my hair straight, especially when it's longer or I look like a koala.

Good on you for taking charge of your health and setting a great example for the kids (and for all of us!)

Cazzie!!! said...

Karisma, I hear that! You know what is good about playing with the kids? Paying like a kid. Run til you can't run anymore, laugh and tumble and play tag :)
The warmer weather will be back again soon enough and so your beach walks will be great :)

Jayne, thanks heaps and yes the clothes thing is the best.

Mom, oh goodie, I hope I do inspire others :)

Foxy, hehehe at the koala comment, me too!

rosemary said...

It is tough being tough with yourself. If it is for your health then do it. you are lovely work hard, take on life's challenges and march forward. it is really, really hard working nights, raising a family and giving like you do. Three cheers for you.

Ginnie said...

Wow. I'm impressed with the fact that you've stuck with your regimine. I'm sure you will be thankful for it as you age.

Jules said...

Darling Cazzie, I love how you don't weigh yourself, that is a pure example of the strength of personality you have.

You know, you and I look very similar in ways, brown curly hair etc. Although I'm about to get my cut short and funky. I feel too old at the moment. LOL, thanks for your candid replies on my blog, it is really helping me to see that everyone is different and that I am not in a different zone than anyone else. lovesxxxx

AspergantuS said...
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AspergantuS said...

Cazzie ~ I too am on a journey. I will soon be going under the knife to have a gastric band inserted in me. I am currently 125lbs over weight and always gain back more than I lose on any diet. I've learned that my issue is "Carb Addiction". I hope to lose a significant amount of weight in the next year. I will be posting about it soon.

I am very proud of you for losing the dress sizes and getting healthy for you and your family.

Keep up the good work!!

Good on ya mate!!

Middle Child said...

People wrongly assume that when you are busy you lose weight and when you out on weight its connected to being lazy - I have found that in the busiest times in my life that when I put on weight, and when I am not so busy I take better care of myself. You look good in all the photos cazzie, but you are doing it the right way...its a life change thingie taking care of yourself.