Friday, July 31, 2009

Winter Days..

Today was a cool-ish day here in Melbourne. When I went for my bike ride it was nice at first. The Sun shone warm and radiant..then the clouds covered the Sun's rays and a chilly wind blew. I wear nice warm clothes, but my knees were cool as ice. Hehe.
The jeans I bought a few weeks ago are becoming loose on me. I have to invest in a belt, yayyy..these work outs are paying off.
I am looking forward to nice warm Spring days in a few months time. I may even feel good wearing some nice 3/4 length pants. It has taken me some time to accept to just "Be". My kids and their friends are commenting on how I look great..and I do think alot of it is not just how I look, but how happy I am.
I find that even at work, working night shift, I have alot more energy. I am focused, which is good for my patients as they need someone who is in tune with their care.
I am going to be speaking about nursing and the role nurses have in the community in Nicholas' class in a few weeks time. I did do this for Tomas' class when he was in year 1. I enjoyed it, and I was hopeful that I might have planted a seed in some of their heads to become a health care worker. I also stated that we need alot of other allied health workers too at the end of my talk. I may do it again this time :)
I think it is important, however, for someone to do what it is that makes them happy, and know that it is ok. It is also ok to change your mind if the first thing you had your mind set on did not work out as planned. I know some people began nursing with me and went off to do something completely different half way through our course.
Well, this weekend is set to be a busy one. Tom has a party to go to, Nick plans on going to the park, which means the girls and I will go to. He has packed a picnic for us already! We will be playing basketball, skipping the rope and gliding on the flying fox..ohh yeah!


Andrew said...

I think it is great that talk at the school and encourage some into caring professions. While the job may not be easy, it must be quite rewarding at times. So when do you update your blog profile pic to show the new skinny Caz?

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Glad ur feeling a lot better about yourself within yourself... that's one of the main hurdles, isn't it?

Good on you for talking at school - fantastic stuff. more parents should make themselves available to do things like that, not just for their own children, but for all of them.

Betty said...

Good for you, trying to introduce kids to nursing. I hope it produces some really dedicated, caring new people later. You're right, though, that if they decide it's not for them, they should try something else. I know a woman whose parents bullied her into becoming an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and she simple doesn't like people. Consequently,she's not a very good nurse.

Donn said...

Winter eh...*bites tongue...

"they", whoever they are, should prolly give your "winter" a different term because it is a little misleading..not exactly 45 below with windchill

BUT it would prolly be a l m o s t as depressing as ours anyway right?

Nurses are awesome. You wanna know why? First of all the Doctors pretend to be God but the Nurses make it happen and keep the whole thing going HELLO!

You can't "phase" Nurses or gross them out..they dish out compassion to those who deserve it and straighten out the fakers...the world would be a better place if it was run by Nurses.

Jayne said...

Good on ya, Cazzie :)
Well done for the bike riding (my exercise bike just sniffs in disapproval at me) and good to hear you're doing the nursing career talk at school.
As Donn said the world would be so different if us nurses were in charge lol.

FoxyMoron said...

Wow you sound so happy and content and loose jeans are always good!

It really does take a special person to be a nurse, I know I couldn't do it. I think it's a great idea to talk to young kids and give them ideas early about what they want to do.

Have a great weekend Cazzie.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, the new image will be coming soon at your request, and you know, I had not given it a thought until you mentioned it :)

Mal, It sure is the main hurdle hon.
I do hope my talk inspires kids to become whatever it is they desire. Not just as a nurse, but anything they wish to be.

Betty, I agree, and I have worked with people just like that. It is sad, because they would be awesome at something else, and I hate to see people unhappy.

Donn, I love you mate@ Can I please quote you with the last paragraph of that comment? It is sensational :)