Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ok, cat can be let out of the bag..

A little while ago I posted THIS. I know it annoyed some people yet I had to be careful to protect someone I love prior to them telling others that we had now come into contact. That we have now become mature adults..that we can make decisions "by our own selves" (thanks Mia for the phrase. hehe), which means independent of "the stupids" out there.
My little sister and I are speaking after 12 years of no contact. A really silly situation occurred when we had our Tomas 12 years ago. Adults acted worse than kindergarten children ought to.
A girl I went through Primary and High School, a girl that was my "friend" worked at the hospital I birthed Tomas ..she called my Mum ..broke confidentiality and told my Mum I was having the baby. I was in labor with him. It was a long labor, not a 4 hour labor as my Mum had with all of us. We did not want to worry our parents, and opted for just the two of us to be together for this marathon. It was our right!
To cut a long story short... we chose not to get this person the flick from her job( which was one of the options the CEO of the hospital gave us), I just wanted her severely cautioned and reminded of the confidentiality clause signed by her when being employed by the institution..that was all. My Mum has mental issues, she sided with the girl who was a friend of mine, she felt sorry for her yet, to this day she is STILL employed there.
My Mum chose not to see us anymore, which meant my brain washed siblings went along with her. This took a blood long time to get over, and well, when you have a family you just have to go on.
Now, my lil' sis is a smart and courageous adult. She broke free of the brain washed house. Now we are so happy..and she has 4 kids to spoil..and they love her to death!
She has two lovely doggies that are her children, and I love them too!
We cannot be happier..and this is what I looked forward to for so have my sister back :)


Stace said...

Well, congratulations I guess! That's great :) It's good that you and her have put behind such a silly thing from so long ago :)

LEXIE said...

I love to hear about reconciliations and reunions. Gives hope to us who are still waiting for it to happen.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

That's great news! [[[happy joy dance]]]

FoxyMoron said...

I am SO SO happy for you! I know these family feuds can happen, so easily and go for so long. What a happy time for your family. Hope for the rest of us yet!

Middle Child said...

That is you mum in contact??? Oh caz thats bad...but maybe the sister, then the others who knows...she may be able to bridge the gap in some way one day...congratulations